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  • Review for a cable soso ....  

    mumbi DVI-D Cable 24 + 1 pin - DVI-D to DVI-D connection cable DUAL LINK 2m gold plated (option)
    Now I think really much to say there really is not now in a cable. But what you do not do anything for a mail;) Both cables that I have ordered are in good condition and work perfectly with DVI-D and DVI-I monitors. The only thing that really bothers
  • A review on a cable ...  

    DELOCK Cable USB 3.0 A> Micro USB 3.0 2m (Personal Computers)
    ...... Well. It is blue, one can thus skipping, People kill, the dog to punish, leash dog and oh yes, I almost forgot, Chasing data with USB3-speed from one end to the other:) =) What can you say about a cable. Whoever gets broken is definitely your
  • Review of the cable  

    CELLONIC Data Cable for Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX10 DSC HX10V DSC-HX200V DSC-HX20V HX200 USB Charging Cable (Electronics)
    With the cable I am very satisfied. One drawback I have to realize it is nowhere specified the length of time of purchase. It would be nice if my cable would be 0.5 meters longer. Has been sent so Schell Trotsdem Thanks all. Mfg. Manfred Schatz
  • Damned reviews yet super cables  

    InLine power plug to Euro 8 socket power cord (1m) black (accessories)
    Super Cable works, does what it should, looks like all the other cables. would recommend each (that's just a poor cable length long)
  • Toslink cable review  

    mumbi optical digital cable Toslink cable 2m (accessory)
    What can one review already a cable. I have built it between my PC and a devil-conditioning. It all works flawlessly. The plug is after snapping into the socket bomb-proof - so hard that I think I need to use a pair of pliers, if I want to release th
  • fine cable  

    AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI adapter cable, 3 meters (Electronics)
    Hmmm, a review on a cable, there's not much to say: 1. Use: combines LG BlueRay HD recorder with a Philips Flat-TV HDMI (LG) to DVI-I (Philips) 2. Test-images: BluRay The Tourist, The First HD (TV) 3. Impression: super sharp picture, no artifacts, no
  • A 100% functional fulfilling brands HDMI 1.3b cables  

    Philips SWV 2432 T HDMI Audio / Video Cable 1.5 m black (high-speed HDMI 1.3b) (Accessories)
    With a 1.5m cable can not run grossly wrong actually. Only the longer an HDMI cable is, so from 2m, the more important good quality = shielding and that the plugs are cast in one piece. This cable is thicker than a NoName, which indicates a very good
  • Why you should buy this cable under any circumstances!  

    Apple power cable for all Apple MacBook MagSafe Power Supplies Apple, PowerBook, PowerBook Pro 15 inch 17inch, G4, iBook, iPhone, iPod A1222 A1184 MA938 PowerBook G3 G4 etc. (electronics)
    It concerns with the cable to no original cable, which was indeed often mentioned properly. However, I decided nevertheless again make a review of this cable, because this fact is evaluated fairly naive, I think. On the cable is Volex what is actuall
  • Small metallurgy for cables and connectors  

    AmazonBasics HDMI cable (4-fold shielding, high-speed HDMI 1.3b) 3 m (electronic)
    With a 1.5m cable can not run grossly wrong actually. Only the longer an HDMI cable is, so from 2m, the more important good quality = shielding and that the plugs are cast in one piece. Small metallurgy for cables and connectors Conductivity / interp
  • corresponds in every respect to what is expected of such a cable MXT101MM screen VGA cable 1.8m HD15 M / M (Personal Computers)
    Issue a comprehensive review on a cable is not easy thing, need I say more except that it has done its job: I used to connect a computer with a VGA connector to a screen provided also a VGA. No alteration of the image to be deplored.
  • Very good cable for little money!  

    Component Cable / Component Cable for PS2 and PS3 (DVD-ROM)
    I can join most reviewers here: The cable is great! At that time I thought the picture on my tube TV with RGB Scart cable would have been OK, but after I am now switched to LED TV for a few days and the qualifying via RGB quite grottig looked (blurre
  • Charger Review Samsung Galaxy  

    Replaces original Car charger charging cable xubix CAD300UBE for i9001 Plus i9250, ACE, Galaxy S2, i9070 S Advance, Galaxy S3 Mini Ativ S among other things Micro USB (Electronics)
    Hello There, have already had a lot of phones in my life and so I already bought some charging cable .... Compared to last meine3m charger is the processing of the top ... Original Car charger car charger CAD300UBE for: Samsung Star II S5260, Samsung
  • Good part, only cable on the side!  

    ah 19 "Parts 87471 19" Power Distribution 1U 8 doses (Electronics)
    Works well! But it is not unjustified when written in other reviews that the cable on the side that has its origin. Therefore it is difficult to install, but with a little force succeeds after all. Otherwise, really good!
  • Strong buy recommendation for the cable  

    deleyCON [10m] SAT antenna cable PREMIUM HDTV FullHD Satellite Cable - Coaxial Cable - F-plug to F-connector - Metal - plated 75ohm 100dB (Electronics)
    Class quality at reasonable price. I can only agree with the (good) reviews. The cable is i. Ü. pleasantly soft and pliable. Delivery was prompt. Gladly again.
  • Cable break problem  

    Etymotic hf2 In-Earhörer incl. Handsfree for iPhone / 3G / 3GS / other mobile phones (Electronics)
    One thing first: These headphones were the best I've ever had. The auditory sensation has been described here: Very balanced, neutral but full-bodied, un-believable-lich. I loved those things. After 17 months there was out of the blue a cable break o
  • Excellent Quality Lightning Cable  

    Belkin Lightning charging cable (3 m) for iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th Gen, iPod nano 7th Gen white (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I needed a long lightning cable to charge my iPad Air on our balcony. After investigating I purchased this Belkin 3 meter cable from Amazon. Of course, Amazon delivered on time as promised. This is an excellent quality cable with high quality connect
  • Oelhbach Audio Cable  

    Oehlbach i-Connect J-35 / R mobile audio cable, 3.5 mm jack to RCA black 3:00 m (accessories)
    I had until then my Mac Book a "0815" - connected jack Chinchkabel with my stereo system. Trigger to get me a new a new cable, were now and then contact problems, so every now and then a channel failure. After the good review of Oelb. cable I de
  • High quality HDMI cable. Up to 4K HD  

    5m - Full HD HDMI 1.4a cable | High Speed ​​with Ethernet | 1080p / 2160p / 3D / ARC and CEC | Multiple shielded | 5 meters (Electronics)
    The High Speed ​​HDMI cable made by CSL Computer. In early 2013 I ordered the CSL High Speed ​​HDMI cable with a cable length of 5 meters due to the many positive reviews. The cable connects a 55-inch Samsung LED 3D TV with a Sony 3D BluRay Player. T
  • (A) truth about HDMI  

    Direct cable 2m HDMI cable / compatible with HDMI 2.0 (Ultra HD 4K 3D Full HD 1080p ARC High Speed ​​with Ethernet) - TOP Series (Accessories)
    Meanwhile, I had some problems with HDMI cables. The errors are always quite common: There was the 2m cheap solution that suddenly at certain points of the image (in certain circumstances) "Störstreiferl" (= strokes a small but perceptible
  • CSL - 3D / Full HD HDMI switch does what he should  

    CSL - 3D Ready / Full HD 1080p HDMI Switch - Mini 3 Port Switcher | 3 x IN / OUT 1 x | Dolby True HD | intelligent switch - automatic and manual switch (electronics)
    The switch I need to operate my PC and a DVD player to an HDMI input on the TV. After a long review of reviews of many HDMI Switches I came to the conclusion that all prepare any problems. I think some problems kommem of the connected devices. So I c