seb electric knife


  • Seb - Electric Knife  

    Seb 852,301 Prepline Electric Knife (Kitchen)
    Seb - Electric Knife, we appreciate the improved look are enceins models. The grip is reassuring, easy to use, supplied with two set of blades and their cases. However, for cutting frozen meat or hard, it leaves seem low power which does not play in
  • Severin EM 3965 electric knife  

    Severin EM 3965 electric knife, white-gray (household goods)
    The Severin electric knife is highly recommended. I need it every day for business. It keeps itself at 1hr. Continuously difficult to cut through super. It is very good in the hand and is easy to handle. So far, the best knife I had.
  • Electric knife SEB  

    Seb 852,301 Prepline Electric Knife (Kitchen)
    Perfect, it fits what we expected of the product. Cup very easily all types of meat, and easy to store in a drawer.
  • Princess electric knife Meat  

    Princess 492952 Electric Knife (Kitchen)
    PERFECT for cutting a loaf, a bun (Map) and other foods. As for the blades frozen I issue an opinion more than reserved for wanting to cut slices of a cake with frozen vegetables 5 cm high. Good thing I had in my possession my former duplication knif
  • Severin EM 3965 electric knife white-gray,  

    Severin EM 3965 electric knife, white-gray (household goods)
    Had the knife for Christmas in use, has well proven, only for really strong bones it is not recommended, but for that I had not thought of anything else to cut is very suitable.
  • Severin Electric Knife  

    Severin EM 3965 electric knife, white-gray (household goods)
    The knife cuts erfogreich Grill, One can share iceberg lettuce and the best was the parts of a giant pretzel occupied for about 15 people. Highly recommended and very inexpensive.
  • Electric Knife  

    Seb 852,301 Prepline Electric Knife (Kitchen)
    Simple, easy and light. Fairly quiet and cutting results quite satisfactory. Why invest more for a tool that is not used every day?
  • electric knife! 1  

    Kenwood KN450 Knife Blades 100W 2 Games (Kitchen)
    Like all products of the brand, this article, which I have not yet had the opportunity to try, is of excellent quality! beautiful presentation, practice, to recommend!
  • 2 electric knife  

    Kenwood KN450 Knife Blades 100W 2 Games (Kitchen)
    very good operation of this device easy to use, very manageable and which responds perfectly to my expectations and very useful dan my kitchen
  • Tristar EM-2100 electric knife white 150 Watt  

    Tristar EM-2100 electric knife white 150 Watt (household goods)
    Handy, easy to clean, compact and powerful for roast, poultry, etc.! Is rather little used with us, but recommended if you want to break down a time as a lamb more!
  • Class Carving Knife  

    Fiskars Functional Form Carving knife blade length 24 cm (household goods)
    Arrived quickly and packaged well, but above all also very keen for me to. Already used extensively and is still very sharp. The electric knife that anyway never was really mine, now remains in the closet and clean. A really good and cheap knives tha
  • Not to use 18  

    Severin EM 3965 electric knife, white-gray (household goods)
    Over 20 years we have had a Krupp electric knife. We have not often used it, often only lately for cutting bread. Everything went Prima until the motor burned out. Can happen after a long time. By nevertheless overwhelmingly positive assessments I de
  • Sufficient for me  

    Bomann CB 440 EM electric knife (household goods)
    I'm having problems with his right wrist and sought help when cutting z. B. from hard vegetables. That's why I chose a device with relatively powerful motor (here 180 W) and not too heavy weight (here almost 700 g). Cream pie and like I can cut even
  • Nothing Cup  

    Tristar EM-2100 electric knife 150 W (Kitchen)
    He cuts nothing .... I do not understand that it is available for sale as electric knife, I'll faster and better with a classic kitchen knife, really sad
  • I dreamed ... Pradel did ...  

    Pradel Premium 058 Black Ceramic Knife Chef Knife 15cm (Kitchen)
    A thin blade and awesome .... A treat to use it .... I almost want to hum advertising music of the 70s with the electric knife Moulinex .... Good grip and significant protective cover. Product to recommend.
  • a basic handy  

    Seb 852,301 Prepline Electric Knife (Kitchen)
    basic kitchen that mistakenly forget: it is extremely convenient electric knife to slice end roasts, legs of lamb and other ham and bread provided its crust is cooked and crisp. Please note: Comes with two different blades protected with a history KE
  • Malgrè effective slight defects  

    Bestron Dek2 Knife Electrical: Universal Blade and Blade Frozen Products (Kitchen)
    Knife effective unless the bread crust is too thick or hard (which I sometimes with homemade bread), the main drawback remains the grip, it is difficult to maintain while still pressing the power button, it takes a bit of gymnastics for little hands
  • 132 scam  

    EM5512 AEG Electric Knife (Kitchen)
    I bought this item for a Christmas gift, the person has used the electric knife after 30 days warranty. The object functioned but the blades did not even put in translational movement, turned the knife in the air. For an artifact imported from German
  • ZERO UNIT 1  

    EM5512 AEG Electric Knife (Kitchen)
    Frankly null and void super very poor quality the unit died after a year and still very little used the knife stops by making a loud noise so do plusAEG cut - EM5512 - Electric Knife