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  • Known as Song MP3  

    Bonfire Heart (MP3 Download)
    One song I like and often hear and have ordered exactly why. Good Quality. Heavy and annoying is that a compulsory minimum number of characters / text you have to enter yourself for reviews of Songs, which it will have to be filled by those lines
  • To chill out song  

    World Filled With Love (Audio CD)
    Craig's new single "World filled with love" is a number for relaxing. The drums are not too hard and the guitar gives the track a great rhythm. But what really stands out is Craig's amazing vocals. It sounds innovative, soothing and the chorus d
  • Full of Happy Songs  

    Crazy Love (Audio CD)
    Finally is Michaels fourth album there and as always a winner. This album has many songs to be really happy and in love. I need to be such songs to a good mood. Especially with the lousy autumn weather to come in this album Spring fever in me. Loud H
  • Song of stress and let your thoughts drift!  

    Sun Dance (Radio Edit) (MP3 Download)
    Super "chill out" song, the mood for summer, sun, sea and picnic makes. I am looking forward to go with this music with the car in the beach-vacation.
  • Ingenious mini-sub  

    MusicMan MA Soundstation Stereo speakers with integrated battery and LCD display (MP3 player, radio, MicroSD card slot, USB port) (Electronics)
    I love this part! And I wanted initially already send him back because I firstly the sound from SD card was a bit dull, and I was second too stupid to find the folder function. Oops. Inzw. I've even two more gained ;-) Why now after a few weeks of da
  • Passed drop test  

    Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Smartphone (10.9 cm (4.3 inches) HD TRILUMINOS display, 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM, 20.7-megapixel camera, Android 4.4) white (Wireless Phone)
    Now would also like to express this smartphone. I would like about the performance here but me not omit, which is obviously also not disputed by even the greatest critics and was also often cited. About the performance of the camera: Here I can not u
  • You have to go once ..  

    Endgame (Audio CD)
    I can understand the people who miss the aggressive and hard side of Rise Against understand. One has but to decide: Either you accept the new course ,, '' by Rise Against and retains the old albums at home as treasures, or you return the tape to the
  • better after the concert!  

    Class trip (MP3 Download)
    hab grad raised to 4 stars !! Since we were at the concert, it is different, and we liked the song! all those who are here dissatisfied goes a Wise Guys concert, after which her wetrdet I dreamed and love the plane! that was what I wrote earlier: Wel
  • For the money 1a! Significantly better than BOSE, unfortunately still unknown.  

    Creative SoundWorks Radio 745 with integrated CD player black (Electronics)
    So, looking for a reasonable compact system I've encountered, inter alia, the SoundWorks CD745i. The Creative device is sound really great. Since there is nothing to complain about. The bass is but set too pushy via factory setting. Adjusted to -3 an
  • In car radio indispensable!  

    SanDisk Cruzer Fit 16GB USB Z33 USB flash drive, USB 2.0 Black (Personal Computers)
    The stick I bought in order to use it on my car stereo Pioneer DEH-4400BT (USB port on the front). The stick works only perfect and does what he should. So much space for so little money and then packed no matter how small, super! I would have though
  • Very comfortable headset for home and travel  

    TaoTronics® stereo Bluetooth headset, headphones with neckband, eingebauters microphone, ideal for sports and on the go (Electronics)
    This headset is really very good for all situations, whether in sports, on the beach, or just at home on the couch. - Scope of supply: Delivered the headphones in a small box. Included is a chic cloth bag, a manual, including in German (German strang
  • AC / DC Live  

    Live '92 (Special Edition Digipak) (Audio CD)
    Actually you do not say much about a live album from AC / DC. Finally, you get exactly what you expect: really good Hard Rock one of the best live acts ever. They will play of course all the hits, like 'Thunderstruck', 'Back in Black', 'The Jack', 'H
  • wonderful film music !!!  

    Mamma Mia! (Audio CD)
    Three days ago, I come from Greece vacation and think now I'm going in this Mamma Mia film. Has quite good reviews, although I do not quite know what to make of the idea to make a loud Abba songs a movie (or a musical). What can I say? :) Long have I
  • Endgame - na hopefully not!  

    Endgame (MP3 Download)
    Rise against - another case of fan farewell to an oh so commercialized former indie band? If you read some of the less positive responses, one might get this impression ... Only you have this opinion not to vote! Because this album is absolutely grea
  • Good value and service more than good. Prima device for children  

    Sony ZS-PS30CPW Compact CD Boombox with USB connection White (Electronics)
    Bought for children. Slightly shocked by the "small" size and already had care for the sound. But everything better as expected. The kids (6 and 9 years) can use the thing well and love it. The sound is for such a thing really well - my per
  • Unique and authentic. One of the best albums ever  

    Pride (Audio CD)
    After the great club tour with 2 visited concerts in Cologne and Hamburg, I had high expectations for FGDs new album "Pride". My expectations were far exceeded! This album is absolutely outstanding and very special. You can feel the Irish soul a
  • Class music! Just a pity that at least. 2 blast missing ...!  

    Prayer (Audio CD)
    So I must say - as I once informed me, and saw who `dieser` Robin Schulz is, I was a bit flabbergasted. Yet at the same time pleased - because good music is not a question of age. 27 years old Robin - and the `haut` things out, songs out - Young boy.
  • Lightweight yet strong enough for good bass  

    Panasonic RP-HT010E-A headphones blue (Electronics)
    Compact headset with good bass reproduction. Comfortable to wear. Cable length is sufficient. For the money, I do not hardly comparable found. (3 other tested) I just talked to the dealer I trust and whose testimony is: Such headphones have indeed of
  • Only for calls and sms, with certain restrictions.  

    Wiko Minz + Bluetooth Cell Phone Black (Electronics)
    I already had a Wiko, the previous model (Dolfy), which I use for three years now. Given its robustness and lifetime of the battery, and despite all its drawbacks, I wanted to use the same model, or rather its successor: the Wiko Minz. Jai received a
  • LISTEN AND Replay  

    It Will not Be Soon Before Long (CD)
    I bought the album was released, I listened in the car until the disc is scratched and then I forgot it in the glove box. After 1 year, I come away and I am surprised to sing loudly every song as if it were the first time. The magic continues! A big