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  • Charging Cable Power Adapter Charger for Tolino Shine  

    Lights and Energy by Kankel ® Charging Cable Power Adapter Charger for Tolino Vision 2 / Tolino Vision / Tolino Shine / Tolino Tab 7 / Tolino Tab 8.9 Weltbild Bertelsmann Thalia Hugendubel Telekom / wall charger eReader
    The charging cable Power Adapter Charger for Tolino Shine fully met its task. In terms of size, it can be placed easily in the bag.
  • Unfortunately, you have to remove the Tolino for charging  

    Bundle Tolino: bag, pen and foil for Tolino Bertelsmann worldview Thalia Telekom Hugendubel. Accessory Set: Case, Pen, display cover for Tolino Shine eBook readers - Sparset -Green (Electronics)
    I am very happy with the bag for Tolino. The only drawback is that you can (contrary to the description) can not be left in the bag the Tolino to load because you can not quite put in the plug.
  • Cases did not fit the Tolino Shine  

    Mulbess Tolino Shine Premium Leather Skin Cover Case Leather Case Sleeve Cover for Tolino Shine Red (Electronics)
    The recesses of the envelope for the purchase and off button and the light controller or the charging socket did not match those of the device. To turn on the Tolinos I would always have to fumble the device completely from the protective bag. So I n
  • My best ever charger!  

    Technoline BC 700 Battery Charger black (Accessories)
    It is the best charger, especially for the price, I know. It is recommended that a charging current of 0.2 CA (0.2 times the rated capacity of the battery as charging current) to 0.3 CA. The REFRESH program could some old batteries regenerate very we
  • eBook reader Tolino  

    Tolino Shine eBook reader (Personal Computers)
    First: I am very satisfied with my Tolino. Delivered, charged and off we went without problems. After I had informed myself, what about what "machine" possible, I decided to Tolino and have not yet repented. That said, I have bought a secon
  • Recommended accessories for Tolino E Reader  

    Lights and Energy by Kankel ® Charging Cable Power Adapter Charger for Tolino Vision 2 / Tolino Vision / Tolino Shine / Tolino Tab 7 / Tolino Tab 8.9 Weltbild Bertelsmann Thalia Hugendubel Telekom / wall charger eReader
    The power supply is in my opinion a necessary accessory for Tolino, since this can only be loaded on the PC otherwise. Since I do not have to stand a PC in any room this also does not work all day, I therefore prefer the charge on this power supply t
  • a very good opportunity charging on the go  

    RAVPower® Luster 6000mAh External Battery for Smartphones and Tablets, pink (electronics)
    Hello, we have the RAV Power Luster 6000mAh Power Bank by get sent to this power bank to undergo a free test. And we must say that we of this device does not want to miss since. My significant other she takes every day to work and s
  • Qualitative charging and data transfer cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad: inexpensive, yet high  

    [Apple MFi Certified] LP® Apple Lightning USB Sync Cable USB 2.0 A to 8 pin Apple cable Lightning USB Cable for Apple iPhone 6 Plus / 6/5 s / 5c / 5, iPad Air / Mini / Mini 2, iPad 4, iPod Touch iPod nano 5and 7, 3.3 ft / 1 M (White) (Electronics)
    The charging cable makes a high quality impression. It is thick and sturdy at the ends. In fact, it seems even a lot more stable than the original Apple. The iPhone, iPad, or iPod to be detected and loaded without problems. In addition, the cable is
  • 16,000 mAh battery incl. Quick charger 2.0A with top price / performance ratio  

    RAVPower 16000mAh External Battery with built-in flash light & 2A Adapter, Black (Electronics)
    Conclusion: This Power Bank suggests many, if only with the price / performance ratio. You get a 16.000mAh battery incl. Quick charger 2.0A. Furthermore, 2 Micro-USB charging cable are (short and long) while, as well as a carrying bag. Those looking
  • Tolino Vision  

    Tolino vision (Electronics)
    Very fast delivery and just delivered as described. For public libraries the only perfect machine, just not for Amazon e-books! The format of Amazon is not compatible with the Tolino !!! The "Books charging" of the online library only works with
  • Slimfit for Tolino  

    The original Gecko Covers Slimfit Tolino shine cover for Tolino E-Reader / Ebook Bertelsmann worldview Thalia Telekom Hugendubel Cover Case Bag with click-in system - in black / black - in a practical book style - flat extra hard case !!! (Electronics)
    Impeccable quality, very pleasant to the touch material and very precise fit - that says it all. The Tolino is reliably protected from external influences, the flap on the bottom (charge socket) of Tolino can be opened easily without having the finge
  • The currently best NiMH batteries - with matching charger  

    Sanyo eneloop Quick Charger MDR-02 with 2 pcs. Eneloop AA Mignon batteries (optional)
    If you read this review, you may face the question whether they should buy Sanyo Eneloop batteries or from other manufacturers. I would therefore like to explain my reasons to buy at these locations. The batteries called "Eneloop" are a real tec
  • Pocket Tolino  

    Bag for Tolino Bertelsmann worldview Thalia Telekom Hugendubel - Best Case for Tolino Shine eBook readers - red red (Personal Computers)
    Comfortable material and Tolino fits perfectly into this bag. Good grip and no slipping. To charge but you have to take him out of the sheath. But is not a problem because the battery lasts really long and only every 4-7 weeks needs to be recharged.
  • Bundle Star Battery Charger 4 in 1, including charging cradle for Panasonic HC-X909 easy Super  

    Bundle Star Battery Charger 4 in 1, including charging cradle for Panasonic VW VBN260 E + Patona Battery Replacement Battery for Panasonic VW VBN260 EK Pairing Panasonic HDC SD800 SD900 SD909 TM900 HS900 - HC X929 X810 X909 X900 X800 - NEW with Micro USB port (Electronics)
    We were looking for an inexpensive replacement battery for our video camera Panasonic HC-X909 and are in the Amazon Bundle Star Battery Charger 4 became aware of Panasonic in 1, including charging cradle. Due to the many positive reviews we decided t
  • Unfortunately, it does not charge a lot of batteries, what you need then a Battery Charger?  

    ANSMANN 1001-0005-590-3 Powerline 4 Pro Battery Charger for 1-4 Mignon AA / Micro AAA incl. 4x 2400mAh AA batteries (optional)
    I can only agree with the bad reviews here! The charger came with me in the semi messed gewurschteltem not original packed condition, with a 4-to geschmissenen Ansmann battery pack with me to. For the charger can still nothing, for it is because the
  • Victorinox Spirit compared with Leatherman Charge TTi  

    Victorinox pocket knife SwissTool Spirit in leather, 3.0223.L (equipment)
    My desire was an everyday tool, with the following functions: 2 blades, pliers, reasonable screwdriver Phillips screwdriver and possibly a pair of scissors. Just as the old Leatherman Wave (approximately 12 years old) with lockable tools. Unfortunate
  • Flashlight ok - charger needs the correct adapter!  

    Fordex Group 7W 300LM CREE LED Zoomable Mini Flashlight Black incl. 2x14500 Battery and Charger (Misc.)
    I have now several of these small practical flashlights; they are also available with normal AA batteries (1.5 V Alkaline) very bright and also very inexpensive. They all look the same, but have apparently different switches. This copy can only be sw
  • Very good quality and very customer-friendly and kulantes companies  

    Wool 1528IL Pan 28cm Titanium Nowo induction (housewares)
    I have this pan and was very happy with it so far. Especially the removable ball is super convenient .... Also about the company I can really only tell Best. When a problem has helped me very accommodating and customer-oriented, even if you can not s
  • TomTom Universal Car Charger and Holder DEFINITELY works with Apple iPhone 5 / 5s  

    TomTom Car universal holder and charger with speakerphone for mobile phones / smart phones and micro usb connection (electronic)
    I had the previous Specialized Tom Tom Car Holder continued iPhones 4 / 4S (30 pin connector). I use a Tom Tom Holder with my iPhone for GPS driving directions when i travel. GPS from car rental companies are ridiculously expensive. Obviously when i
  • Battery Charger Micro USB Patona Sony NP-BX1 black for Sony DSC-RX100  

    Patona Battery Charger USB for Sony NP-BX1 black (Electronics)
    The delivery was announced rather quickly. The external service provider sent the article, however, on City-Post, which caused inconvenience. As working people man I could the article daytime course not duck against companies themselves. I found only