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  • On the way from "Lousy times" to "Hallelujah"  

    Westlife (Audio CD)
    The choice of "Westlife" as simple title of the album could have been better not to be: exactly zwischem the lousy "Lousy times" and the praise-gepriesenem "Hallelujah" was Marius with this work back to himself - and thus slo
  • Westlife - Turnaround  

    Turn Around (Audio CD)
    So, since it is thus, the long-awaited by many fans and highly anticipated 5th album of the guys. You can tell that they no longer beginners in show business are. The voices harmonize perfectly, and even if one or the other is only active in backgrou
  • Westlife in the 80s sound shell  

    Lousy times (Audio CD)
    This album comes from 1986 and just as it sounds. All the 80's sound-wise constituted, the plastic sound of guitars on the synthesizer to the drum machines, one hears for the first time in its purest form. Where on the previous albums yet inserted th
  • Westlife live! The actual Best of!  

    No Time (Audio CD)
    The soundtrack to the road movie "No Time", in which Marius Müller-Westernhagen was accompanied on his stadium tour in 1995 with the camera is the absolute highlight of my record collection. A brilliant recording quality that was additionally di
  • Abgefahren, abstract, Westlife earlier ....  

    Geiler Is Even (Audio CD)
    Geiler is already. The title says it all. Was on concerts and the theme song always a very large number. The album will be a classic. Westlife is today often from this, also musical, self-irony of the early 80s. Alone for "Lilly the mosquito" th
  • What have Westlife and the grouse in common?  

    So far - Best of (Audio CD)
    Both make indirect advertising for a particular Spiritouose, but just with songs like Johnny W. is clear that Westlife is yet far more durable. And this longevity documented this CD won a spot on an admirable career. Even at the risk that one imagine
  • For non-Westlife-Kenner okay  

    So far - Best of (Audio CD)
    For someone. who has nothing to do with Westlife and has no material, this publication is certainly advisable. The compilation is great and just very nice to hear in the evenings for two. Hence a buy recommendation. However, for Westlife fans (almost
  • Westlife's great album in perfect audio quality!  

    Mad [DVD-AUDIO] (DVD-Audio)
    At the time I first bought the new album by Westlife on CD. I was very excited because songs like "It's time", "a leaf in the wind," or "If you believe" I find really great! Well, since I could not get enough of the album, I
  • Westlife awesome in Sound  

    Hottentottenmusik (Standard Version) (Audio CD)
    the disc is to be an experience heard in the car, was in Hanover on the Westlife concert, and I must say, the musician has the Marius now gathered around him, just awesome, and exactly this Massive Sound also comes through the CD over, new no longer
  • Westlife mal anders  

    Bitter Sweet (Audio CD)
    To times the negative reviews oppose: Ntürlich is not Westlife, as he is known, and who wants to hear Westlife necessarily in its pure form, which I advise also from this album. Clear is not a snotty Marius how "with peppermint ..." knows him as
  • Well if Westlife has not found here the blues  

    Yes (Audio CD)
    Well if Westlife has not found here the blues, then I do not know it well. This plate lives of the choruses, the individual key words of the songs and especially of the Hammond organ by Helmut Zerlett. The sacred 10 commandments are summarized for th
  • Westlife's best album  

    Hallelujah (Audio CD)
    "Alleluia" is next to "jaja" probably the best Westlife album. Super arranged, emotionally varied and texts that are just fun. With "because I love you" Westlife one of the most beautiful love songs has succeeded. But the roc
  • Great album with the hit "Hallelujah"!  

    Overcome (Deluxe Edition) CD + DVD (Audio CD)
    Never imagined the CD once ordered on "suspected"! A good decision! The well-known songs like "Hallelujah" and "Silence" are of course with it! Anyone who has seen Alexandras performance of "Hallelujah" at that time
  • Westlife on a little faster?  

    Everything To Me (MP3 Download)
    As I was looking forward to the first solo single by Shane. But actually it's "only" another Westlife single without the other guys become. Song 1 is a rhythmic feel-good song. However, "Everytime", "Once" and "Today's n
  • A beautiful Westlife album !!!  

    The Love Album (Audio CD)
    I am for years a huge Westlife fan, and have to say I was pretty disappointed in the beginning that a Cover rausbringen they Album! When I came to The Rose heard the first time I found the song so beautiful that I really grew to the album. Shane Mark
  • Westlife are super!  

    The Love Album (Audio CD)
    The album hatt me pleasantly surprised! As a singing teacher, I can give a good opinion about Westlife! Vocally the guys are absolutely top u. Be in my opinion better and better! Very good choice of songs! Especially The Rose and Total eclipse of the
  • nice collection of the most beautiful Westlife Love Songs  

    Westlife-the Love Songs (Audio CD)
    very nice compilation of the most beautiful Westlife Love Songs. While nothing new, but always nice to hear. Stop is a very nice collection
  • fantastic! the best westlife- album!  

    Face to Face (Audio CD)
    the first three albums by Westlife are in my CD cabinet and songs like "I lay my love on you" or "what i want is what I've got" ran on heavy rotation in my CD player. then I liked the music of the Irish always less. with their album &q
  • Westlife - chart-topping first class  

    Coast to Coast / Upgraded (Audio CD)
    The Irish Boys are fully on the ball! This album shows the different direction from slow to rock sounding up-tempo songs. Especially recommended are the cover songs like 'My Girl' or 'Uptown Girl'. Implemented new way brought the entire atmosphere in
  • Best Westlife CD of all time!  

    Coast to Coast / Upgraded (Audio CD)
    Although I was initially very skeptical, I did not regret buying the CD. Show on this album Westlife once again that they can actually more than just to sing ballads, such as. In Uptown Girl and When You're Looking Like That Of course, expressive son