No criticism lockable

No criticism lockable

HTC Nexus 9 (8.9 inch) Tablet PC (WiFi, 32GB of internal memory, Android 5.0) white (Personal Computers)

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Even as the first rumors of Nexus 9 (Volantis, Flounder and how they all were called) came up, an interest on my part and was the Tablet available. A Nexus device to these specifications seemed just right. But soon came to a new rumor, namely that it is here to a 4: 3 display would act and my euphoria was dampened, strongly attenuated. Previously I owned the Asus Transformer Book Trio, with a 16: 9 ratio. On a 4: 3 screen to upgrade was almost unimaginable for me. Why I decided nevertheless for it, and at all what I thought of the device, read the following:

That, for most readers, most important points:

I guess I know how you are, you are interested in the device were / are but deterred by the many negative reports about poor workmanship (The push-back, Clouding, shifted back or occasionally even speaker failure). 3 weeks ago I was in exactly the same position and decided, despite the many shortcomings, and the 4: 3 displays for the purchase. I "On-good-luck" Shopping and predictable not return much value put on blind, and most of the negative reviews were found on, I decided me to view the device the media market. The local exhibit was handled properly, none of the above mentioned deficiencies identified. In the same process I was also able to provide the unaccustomed display ratio to the test. For me was a very fast clear: In this size makes a 4: 3 ratio of sense. More on that later. I assume that was said supplies Specialists from another batch as Amazon, because my device (which I direct, encouraged by the positive feedback) have acquired there, is completely free from manufacturing defects.
So you see, there is another way.
There are no guarantees, but HTC is well aware of the problem and working on it and solved the problems already as numerous reports on the net receipts.
An example (. Evt was the link removed, in this case, see comments):
Well, I was very skeptical with regard to the 4: 3 Verhältnises. But after I got to hold the N9 once in his hand was a very fast clear to me: In this scale makes 4: 3 perfect sense! You might be wondering at this point how I come to this opinion, let me briefly elicit this:
What does the average user with a tablet? Essentially, the following activities:
+ Surfing the net
+ Read (eBooks)
. + Capture .pdf files, possibly editing (particularly favorable: 1 pdf page corresponds to the convenient 8.9 "with good readability)
Listen or stream + -Music
+ - Playing games
- View videos (Youtube, streaming, local files)
You have noticed the different enumeration symbols Probably. Not surprisingly, these are the advantages or disadvantages of a 4: 3 display. When "+" marked activities benefit significantly from the (in portrait) wider display simply because of better legibility. The "+ -" points take nothing compared to other formats. Possibly in games differences are noticeable in direct comparison, but scaled Android app each specially thereby fall no distortion or the like on. The only negative point is the consume of video. The black bars can be quite annoying (especially if the device is affected by Clouding) Furthermore, it is a waste of screen space. Fortunately, there are apps such as the MX Player, which allows to adapt the display of the medium. This makes it possible to exploit the full display, either corresponding or distorted just cut off at the edges slightly. Not optimal, but some may be better than the black bars.
On display per se, I could find no criticism. The pixel density of about 280ppi ~ is quite sufficient and allows crisp content. The Betrachungswinkel are first class to 178 ° and the color rendering is in my opinion, optimal. Not as good as with a AMOLED, but it was going out.
Through a non-glare screen protector is also working without any problems at full sunlight.

Known 64bit support was introduced with Android L. Optimally, because NVIDIA Tegra K1 Dual Core SoC with 2.3GHz clock untersützt one of the first CPUs also 64bit. The single-core processor performance is even higher than that of the 2012 MacBook Pros (unfortunately no source at hand). By the day one patch by Google I can do no Laggs within system engineering Anwenungen locate. Everything runs smoothly and quickly.
When it comes to gaming, I tested so far three products:
Asphalt 8: a bad example, because here there is no support for the N9 - therefore only playable on "low" level of detail, obviously liquid.
NFS Most Wanted: The, in my opinion, the most beautiful and intense power game that I discovered so far is working perfectly at the highest level.
Fifa 15: identify as no criticism

My expectations were high, very high. Presumably, they could therefore not be met. The dual stereo front speakers, however, are poor in any way. They are about as loud as that of my OnePlus One smartphone, but have a much better sound, even let the my laptop (Acer 5755G with Dolby Advanced Audio) look old.
I really enjoy it, with my N9 to stream on Spotify.
So my experience I can say better than that of OnePlus One, Galaxy S3, Acer 5755G, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.5. I would put them on an equal footing with a HTC M7 / M8.

Feel and form factor:
Despite my relatively small hands the Nexus is 9 a hand portable, very convenient if you put on high mobility (across the width)! The rubberized back feels in combination with the aluminum frame very valuable and provides the necessary grip. Compared to the Asus Transformer Book Trio, which has been completely processed with aluminum, it cuts off much better. Only criticism: fingerprints are strongly attracted.
The 8.9 "is a very good measure of a tablet. The optimum size cover all Anwenungsbereiche yet to guarantee high mobility.

For this I can do only little information because I like not have these in use as well. Decent photos in bright light, but nothing special. The LED flash is bright enough.

What I would have still required?
-very Clear: a micoSD card slot, but this is at Nexus devices not available. At least a reasonable priced 32GB variant would be desirable (90 extra charge? No, thank you!). For me personally, the problem but not too much of an obstacle. In times of Spotify, Netflix or similar enough for me completely 16GB.
- Cheaper accessories. The available options in the future official "Magic Cover" and "Keyboard Folio" have been settled very expensive with $ 50 and $ 130, however, look very chic. The review will be extended in any case, if I should get away with it in possession.

Since the main criticisms of the new Nexus reasons mentioned above do not adversely worthy to be with me, I can recommend this with a clear conscience with 5 stars.

UPDATE: 2/22/2015

As noted above, I stated to edit my review if I should buy myself accessories for Nexus 9. This promise will be redeemed:

Keyboard Folio.
LAYOUT: This is the name carries the tailor-made keyboard to N9. Many product names are nowadays in English, so I gave no thought in mind that there could be a QWERTY format (after all, I ordered on After my purchase the Amazon description was amended to that question has been answered explaining that it also is a QWERTY edition. Well, this was too late for me, fortunately, can be the inputs on the software side by Android Lollipop change, so I get by pressing the "Y" key still a "Z", the same is true for umlauts. Connoisseurs of 10Finger system should therefore have no problem, but I found this fact worth mentioning.
The "Smiley" Especially are keys. Whether this will be interpreted in a positive way or not, each is left to itself. In fact, dazzled by pressing this the Android typical smileys one. What can be handy if you services like WhatsAppWeb benefit I see no sense in productive work.
Another feature: There is no Capslock key, this was the "Search" function by replacing, in some scenarios quite practically so, why not?

PROCESSING: First class! The exclamation point was intentional, because I really can not find anything on this product that would stand out negatively.
A kind of fabric coating with a certain roughness surrounds both rear of the keyboard itself, as well as both sides of the supporting device. This provides a "warm" and comfortable feeling, but on the other hand loses no practical use, because by the roughness is it comfortable to hold.
In terms of support means are two options: In about 45 ° and 15 ° degree position. Very convenient for application-oriented to work, although I would have quite liked a bit in 60 ° close. Changing the position falls through the magnets of very fast and uncomplicated.
From this we arrive at once for fixing betw. Tablet and keyboard. As just mentioned form the interface magnets which both components together. These do their job quite excellent. In my weeklong life the magnets holding the tablet always in intentional position, and yet are "weak" comfortable enough to separate the Nexus thereof without the circumstances would be required. Reviews from English-Amazon reviews I can not confirm, therefore. Negligent handling and ausreizen the magnets is of course not advised. But I personally find the HTC a good compromise between performance and mobility can be found has.
Shortly the keys: Good pressure point, nothing special. They serve their purpose. Backlight would be practically possible.

Naturally, the keyboard Folio holds the size of the tablets. The keys are therefore placed relatively close together and a smooth writing requires quite a certain acclimatization period. However, this can be chalked up in any way the keyboard because of 8.9 "diagonal is simply not get more space. This space was limited, however, exploited optimally and I am therefore fully satisfied.

After initial charging the keyboard docks via a microUSB port, the battery is seated in the connecting element from keyboard per se and tripartite support function and has in moderate use a battery life of 6 months (according to the manufacturer).
Further facilities include a still Red charging LED and an ON / OFF switch of the Bluetooth function. The connection went smoothly on the first try.

Now I have long and wide rezenssiert about what I think of this keyboard, but why you should look at this product?

For the following reasons:
In the review with respect. Nexus 9 I went, among others on the scope of activities of a tablet. The device was added a completely new area by this keyboard. About two weeks ago, Microsoft introduced its Office version for Android tablets available. For devices with 10.1 "is this free Completely restructured (the full version, ie including editing documents). The well-known Windows shortcuts are also available (Ctrl + C, ..). We, as a happy audience, get this service for free so ,
The edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents falls remarkably uncomplicated. The approach to the Dektop version succeeded remarkably well. So good that I now study in the N9 prefer my laptop mobility reasons.

The state function represents a non-negligible value. Consume video falls far more comfortable in front when the eyesight normal fit on the display. Even music sounds better when the speakers are aimed directly at the consumer.

I give the HTC Keyboard Folio 4/5 points simply because of the high price. 130 are just one of a considerable sum, compared to much cheaper alternatives.
Nevertheless, I would recommend this product very much! The decision is now up to you.

I hope I could help you!

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