Perhaps the most brilliant racing game ever

Perhaps the most brilliant racing game ever

Ferrari 355 (Video Game)

Customer Review

With this game, Yu Suzuki has delivered an absolute masterpiece. It is addressed to the players, they are not averse to both race simulations as well as arcade racing games. So the gameplay is quite simple: start from the last position and will end first. We know that already. But what the game is constitutes its absolute realistic control (of course you have this experience driving aids such as automatic braking or ABS off): spinning tires contribute to rapid acceleration, blocking tires contribute to heavy braking, oversteer, understeer, all so, how could not imagine realistically. This game not motivated by the possibility of hundreds of free tracks down, but by repeatedly optimiernen his driving style. Change time here the braking point, accelerate time a little earlier in the curve and they found another tenth of a second.
To get a perfect driving style, you should go the following steps: First, you visit the Driving School: Here is a red line, the ideal line on, it is said when to slow down, when you can go a little faster, or whether one should be more slow. If you satisfied with his lap times, you should go into the time trial. Here you go either to a given Ghost, which it pretty in it. Need to beat him drive nearly perfect one already. If one thinks that it now dominates the route you go into the race, for the offer to three different lengths (Sprint, Grand Prix and Endurance). Here you start the last and tries as much as possible to fight forward.
All this can be played in both single-Race mode as well as in the arcade mode. The differences are that you can mode also fights in arcade against runterzählende time that is refreshed at checkpoints again. Also can be in Arcade mode does not play the five bonus Trecken that after good Leistunegen still the original tracks (Motegi, Suzuka and Suzuka Short, Long Beach, Monza and Sugo) joined.
When looking for other challenges, you can take a championship or select the Network-Race mode. Here you go against other drivers from all countries. First one is true for a range from (it may be that you somehow a different drives), then up to fifteen other drivers to join. Now a qualifying lap will be only in the first eight to qualify for the main race. Then the race will be held. Allerding not you see the enemy, but you go alone. As in the Arcade mode also ticking down here time and again, only the original routes for election. Once you finish the race the Dreamcast goes offline and the replay will be shown. And that's really awesome: You still do not know what position was reached and feverish with properly. Also can be made between the car switch back and forth and you can select the first-person perspective. Thus, for the handling of other riders study them (especially the partially sauschnellen Japanese).
Also good is the split-screen mode: The graphics are almost equivalent, there is no Geruckel and the game has a panoramic view, as I have never seen at a Spitscreen. Unfortunately there is no CPU opponents here. However, in the game is still a link mode hidden (it appears when L and R simultaneously pressed). Here then is likely to be the entire CPU box with it. While in Germany, no link cable is available, but there have been a few third-party set out to fill this gap accessories.
Last but not least the sound: The rock music in the race may well be quite good, but heard off in my opinion. Just so you kan enjoy probably the best engines sound at the video games. Besides all that light, there are also a little shade: Why you can not save in the championship? So probably only hardcore gamers will be able to abschliesssen an Endurance season. In addition, the bonus tracks are not quite as pretty as the original routes, which is mainly due to a somewhat peculiar coloration.
But these are small things, so this game is for anyone who is willing to become acquainted with the control and not get frustrated if it does not equal the first attempt 1er is a must buy. If one then has the game are, however, still a must-have: a good steering wheel. For making it possible to the car a lot more precise control than with the joypad.

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