Poignant!  8

Poignant! 8

Before you (Paperback)

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With the subject of the book, one has the right to have a little scared. One thinks of "euthanasia," "assisted suicide", "disability" - it is not a very happy cocktail. And yet ... All the talent Jojo Moyes (and it is huge!) Is to approach a subject with delicacy poignant through the perspective of a young woman full of life with a sharp tongue and look sharp . The contrast is great between the infinite sadness of the family who knows how to react to the disability of their son and delicious lightness of gaze Lou. With its sense of humor foolproof and that look sometimes tender, sometimes without concessions as it relates to his surroundings, this novel is a reading experience not to be missed. In short, it is well written, funny, it sounds right from start to finish, the characters seem to come out of book pages and we want to know them and take a drink with them. That was a long time that a book had not affected me that much.

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