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    Unique (Boxset, incl. Bonus CD "Moshroom" instrumental CD, T-Shirt Gr. L, ULF-Grinder, mosaic posters, stickers) (Audio CD)
    THE ALBUM TO FIND TOP ... It does not always gangster rap BE ... BUT THE GRINDER IS REALLY proces ...... AM FAN ... you can not a high-quality METAL GRINDER imaging and THEN ONE of the cheapest PLASTIC IN BOX PACK !!! Better to make some extra money
  • good workmanship, but not a homogeneous grinding result  

    Hario MSS-1B Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder (Kitchen)
    The mill is, properly processed as with almost all Japanese products. Here, the higher price compared to often inferior Chinese or German products is really worth. The grinding lasts depending on the amount and degree of beating about 1-2 minutes. I
  • Good grinder for espresso .....  

    Hario MSS-1B Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder (Kitchen)
    and regular coffee. It has a very good adjustment and the beans for the espresso come very finely ground out again. My electric it can not so fine. Easy to handle, but less suitable for the large household. The grinding goes smoothly and takes a litt
  • Metallkappsäge (angle grinder)  

    Metallkappsäge, Metal Cutting Circular Saw 2000W - POW XQ5390 (Misc.)
    Hello and good day, actually am one of those who do not believe in assessments, but for power cutter I have also times give my two cents. Had the power cutter immediately in use and have not been disappointed. The device is really not bad, by the tim
  • Adjustable ceramic grinder, nice sturdy and well made  

    Peppermill salt mill spice mill dry with ceramic grinder in gift packaging - 140ml - Height 13.5cm - dark gray garu (household goods)
    Until now had always spice mills from WMF, but these mills are definitely not worse - but much cheaper. Very smooth, yet good Mahlergebniss until now no wear ascertained. The grinder can be adjusted from coarse to fine. Have now 6 of these spice mill
  • Grinder 1  

    Graef Kaffeemühle CM 702 (household goods)
    For the price and the performance excellent coffee grinder for Hausgebrauch.Kann I recommend it for all who want to buy a coffee grinder for "vinous" money. Bin far fully satisfied.
  • Very good coffee grinder for household use  

    Graef Kaffeemühle CM 702 (household goods)
    The Graef CM 702 offers grinds to fit all needs of French press, paper filter to filter holder. In addition, it is reasonable heavy, so it does not travel during grinding on the countertop. The Gummiauslass attracts coffee powder but magically. So fl
  • ... Perhaps the best fly cutter grinder?  

    Cloer 7580 Electric coffee grinder (Kitchen)
    My old coffee mill with beater blade grinder, a Severin, has begun some 10 years the spirit abandoned (a rain gauge was already broken). Therefore replacement was needed. I had informed me before buying the Cloer 7580 intensively on the different cof
  • Cloer 7580 Electric coffee grinder  

    Cloer 7580 Electric coffee grinder (Kitchen)
    Super coffee grinder. With me now for some months now in use. I use the daily mill for crushing Leinsahmen and nuts for breakfast cereal and occasionally as a coffee grinder. The mill can work seamlessly in exchange for different products, such as co
  • Makita angle grinder GA5030KSP1 in suitcase incl. Accessories  

    Makita angle grinder GA5030KSP1 in suitcase incl. Accessories (tool)
    The device has been used only little of me. Can therefore be no critical accounting estimate. Besides that I am very satisfied so far with the angle grinder.
  • Sometimes quitscht grinder  

    35308 Zassenhaus Pepper Mill 18cm Aachen (household goods)
    The mill makes a high impression, and works great so far. Only sometimes quitscht the grinder and you have the feeling now that both sides grinder rub against each other. But otherwise I'm satisfied.
  • Einhell BT-US 240 Bench grinder  

    Einhell BT-US 240 stand-belt sander (tool)
    I purpose of turning tool sharpening a grinding machine used and got myself in the hardware store with the two "o" in the name of the BT-US 240. First, the device was there well priced very ambitious with 79.99 and secondly .... scrap! Unpa
  • Good grinder for little money  

    Matrix ceiling sanders, 130200200 (tool)
    I bought the drywall Leifer for my conversion at home because I was tired, to grind everything by hand and put something of immense dust counter. The unit I bought in the domestic construction market, since it was there on offer. I could therefore ta
  • MLINE electric grinder rasp grater slicer Universalzerkleinerer  

    MLINE electric grinder rasp grater slicer Universalzerkleinerer
    I like to eat vegetables, but was always very annoyed how zeitaufreibend it is to cut vegetables into thin slices. However, with the vegetable cutter cooking is finally fast. I use it for everyday cutting and grinding and can make it after use in the
  • Good, consistent grinding quality at a fair price  

    WMF 0417020021 Skyline coffee grinder (Kitchen)
    I bought the coffee grinder, because I first wanted to buy a conical grinder 2. did not want to spend more than EUR 100, and 3rd WMF is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality household appliances is yes Preliminary remains to say that it is not in
  • Cut and grind M56  

    Livescribe ARA-000008 4 refills M black 1 red F (Personal Computers)
    The 'original mines' do not last long. At replica (Schneider M 56) is to be noted that the Schneider refill is thicker. You have to grind the paint Sends with fine sandpaper. The easiest way to clamp the pin in a small drill (eg Proxxon) is. But go s
  • Steel grinder  

    Zassenhaus 42009 corn mill, beech, natural (household goods)
    I use the hand mill to grind spices, the grind adjustment to the knurled wheel is easy to use and will remain during milling in position to clean simple wheat or something spelled grind coarse and clean ists again, the surface (untreated) must halt o
  • Very good grinder, unfortunately, still very loud  

    DeLonghi EAM grinder, ESAM
    Since it did not work with the repair kit for the grinder, I swapped the entire mill. Here I am, unfortunately, a little disappointed. The grinder has become louder for me, compared to the original built-in grinder of DeLonghi. It has an annoying shr
  • The first Pratical grinder  

    Cloer 7580 Electric coffee grinder (Kitchen)
    I had some coffee grinders owned. Great differ: do not be. All have done a good job and grind the beans well. What have however criticized me at all predecessors was the fact that the refilling the coffee machine sometimes was impossible or cumbersom
  • coffee grinder.  

    Bosch MKM6003 Electric coffee grinder (Automotive)
    Use of this mill gives me satisfaction, we can grind the seeds finely, that is exactly what I wanted. I only hope that the cover, which seems a little fragile, withstand use.