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  • The camera does not only images but captures moments!  

    Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 High Speed ​​Digital Camera (12MP, 12.5x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, image stabilized) (Electronics)
    Hello! In early April was a big USA - Travel on the program. An unforgettable journey should be "crowned" with good pictures. I have long wondered and searched. Although I have a digital SLR, but I admit quite frankly: I never had the time and t
  • No sound - only image?  

    DisplayPort to HDMI adapter on to Full HD 1080p | DP connector to HDMI socket (Electronics)
    So for me - TV Philips 32PFL5605H and Beamer LG PA1000 - no sound, but it is only transmitted image. :( When Beamer "Telefunken DLP400" went not ... Now I do not know if the adapter will only work with certain devices, or it is broken ??? I clos
  • Cruel accessories + holders only image quality aktzeptabel  

    CM3 Computer Mini Helmet Camera MD80 black (Accessories)
    I must say that I did not expect a high-tech camcorder for 26 euro equal. respectively also the accessories. Brackets I did not expect miracles. But precisely this is so pathetic quality that I therefore advise against for the whole package from the
  • Unfortunately only image with PSU  

    DIGITUS HDMI Repeater to 35m 225MHz max.1080p HDC (Accessories)
    Hello There, I ordered this Repeater me a week ago, and will now give my opinion on it. To my body: The source is in me a desktop PC with an AMD Radeon HD 6870. As a target device of the projector from Acer H5360 is used. The whole is rounded off by
  • Only image disorders  

    1m HB-DIGITAL HDTV Antenna Cable Coax cable male to female gold plated coaxial with Mantelstromfilter with 2x ferrite core white (Electronics)
    The cable should replace a 35 year old cable from the analog time, which was then tinkered itself, ie two different plugs were manually attached to a severed antenna cable. Now the surprise: The new cable bothered on my LCD flat all channels with cor
  • Incredibly good image quality at lowest price  

    Fujifilm X-A1 system camera (16 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD display, WiFi) incl. XC16-50mm Kit (Electronics)
    The camera takes stunning photos that could achieve until recently only with full-frame cameras. The images have very pleasant colors, a wide dynamic range and are extremely low noise. Anyone can get a picture of it make if around at he ca
  • Unfortunately only ...  

    LCARS Terminal (App)
    Unfortunately, only images with sound function but still appealing, considering the LCARS terminals mag.Nur if you're a fan, you should buy, they may nevertheless or therefore just.
  • Workable tool on the way to digital image  

    Rollei DF-S 290 HD negative scanner and slide, 9 Megapixel, 3 inch (Personal Computers)
    The Rollei DF-S 290 HD is a functional and practical tools on the way to a final product (= the final digital image). But he is in no way (!!!) suitable for producing this end product itself (see further below). However, this review only applies to t
  • Flawless 1080p image  

    AmazonBasics HDMI cable (4-fold shielding, high-speed HDMI 1.3b) 2 m (electronic)
    The cable connects my AV Receiver with my LCD, transmits so meisst only image signals, because I spend the sound through the receiver. It is not similar to now shows dropped come. Unfortunately it does not support well the CEC function. This means th
  • LED lighting chased the wild  

    Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 2013 Low Glow LED brown (Accessories)
    The camera will take during the day good photos at night only S / W. The so-called IR lighting is a joke. In three steps simply be switched on red LED groups. As a developer of infrared has probably once dreamed of ... This has nothing to do with IR
  • Absolute disappointment!  

    Hot Stone Therapy Pack - Hot Rocks Gift Set - Relaxing Present - Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day Gift (Personal Care)
    Delivery arrived quickly, but then the disappointment! I ordered this product as a gift. I have received - A velvet bag with some stones inside! That's it ... Apparently this is the only image to decorative objects! This article I got! ; Ie = UTF8
  • Small, well-functioning and the smart switch "1 screen for 3 devices"  

    Etekcity 4Kx2K HDMI Switch Splitter 3 Ports PIP Full HD 1080P Automatic 3D Ready with IR remote control, supports Deep Color, metal housing (3 IN 1 OUT) (Electronics)
    Since under this review page many different devices are discussed, the Note: this review refers to the switch Etekcity 3 * 1 HDMI Switch Full HD PIP. The name describes the function: A small box combines a screen with optional one of 3 image sources
  • Easy to use Cam  

    TRENDnet TV-IP745SIC WiFi HD Baby Camera White (Electronics)
    The package includes: Cam, a power supply, a CD with Installation Guide for PC and Mac a Quick Start Guide in different languages ​​(in German) 2 labels with bar codes for apps and for the registration as well as a small sticker with login informatio
  • Once satisfied, once caught Monday model.  

    deleyCON HDMI Switch Splitter 3 Port Auto - 3D Ready 1080p up - including toggle -. [3x IN / OUT 1x] (optional)
    Someday one of these switches since April 2014 on the TV in use. This does its job almost perfectly, even though he does not always when the HDMI port will automatically change desired. This is, however, very rare. The second device I ordered in Sept
  • beautiful clock 6  

    SEIKO Clocks Alarm QHK018W (household goods)
    Video at view I wanted an alarm clock, the 1. not ticking too loud 2. does not in darkness highly luminous digits 3. No cable (behind the nightstand) has :) 4. a pleasant wake-up sound has (no radio messages and no flash ringing!) So I nee
  • Schicker refrigerator  

    Siemens KI21RAF30 built-in refrigerator / A ++ / 87.4 cm height / 97 kWh / year / 144 liter refrigerator / hydro fresh box / sliding hinge (Misc.)
    I have the part ordered directly from Amazon for my parents. But I have to charge like tolerated because of the 2 Mann delivery to the installation site, which cost extra with other providers. It looks good but you could tell the lack 10l compared to
  • A simple solution for small bathroom  

    Songmics 120-300 CM 4 tray 3 hooks Height adjustable shower shelf Bathroom shelf telescopic shelf shower Eckregal BCB002
    Based on the written reviews about this product, I have decided, also leave a review. Because our bathroom is very small, we chose this shower shelf try. We wanted to disappear ours shower items of bathtub ledge and just this purpose also satisfies t
  • Reasonable 4  

    Kodak underwater chamber Sport, disposable camera, to 15 meters waterproof (Electronics)
    I have been a total of 4 such cameras used while snorkeling in saltwater. Can not complain about the quality. Of course, you can not ask for catalog Similar pictures for this price, but the quality is both underwater and above quite satisfactory and
  • Chic case of problems with rays of hope ...  

    Hama New Basic digital picture frame (20.3 cm (8 inch) display, 4: 3, SD / SDHC / MMC / MS card slot, remote control) (Accessories)
    But that's for a fancy digital picture frame, so beautiful in black piano lacquer. Too bad that you have to take him out of the package. Because once the protective film is removed, you can see not only images but also really every little fingerprint
  • what I expect from a negative / positive Scanner  

    Jumbl high-resolution 22 MP All-In-1 scanner / digitizer - Converts 35 mm negatives, 35mm slides, 110, 126, 127 and Super 8 movies on 22-Megapixel Digital JPEGs - No computer / no software required to operate the device - Features 2.4-inch color LCD and TV output - Includes quick-load adapter for quick, repeatedly scanning slides and negatives (Office supplies & stationery)
    For the performance characteristics of the Jumbo positives and negatives should be noted: Positive, usage is independent of the computer possible, but evaluation of the image of the screen is too small. A miniature film is rapidly scanned. Adapter fo