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  • Saffirmer and dare to say no. Christel Petitcollin.  

    Be assertive and daring to say no (Paperback)
    Oh yes! we must say no and daring. It felt really good to read this book. From birth they teach you to say yes, yes, yes to everything. We can still say yes, but you must first know your personal limits and that he is allowed to say no, to refuse. We
  • ... reduction to flee book, caricature and dogmatic  

    I think too: How to channel this pervasive mental (Paperback)
    This book is written by Christel Petitcollin, "board and trainer in personal development and communication" as we learn the back cover. The main theory of the author from a survey conducted on the brain in the 70s in England, saying there would
  • A saving book  

    Be assertive and daring to say no (Paperback)
    Christel Petitcollin explains all unconscious mechanisms that prevent us from saying "no" when we feel like it or when that would be beneficial: guilt, fear of displeasing ... It also gives us practical help to regain power in our own lives and
  • Excelent product for those who wish to progress in English.  

    English Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises with Answers (Paperback)
    Excelent product that complements the book English grammar in use. A daily and regular work is imperative for progress and this book is designed to work well ...
  • Literature 'easy' and yet not close the book ..  

    Captive Flowers, Volume 1 (Paperback)
    The first volume of a series of four novels written by VCAndrews (like no other sagas: VCAndrews stories told by his men and after his death, reconstructed memory then written by a professional writer ') I have read the books English so can not comme
  • Not quite useful!  

    The adult gifted - Learn to make simple when one is complicated (Paperback)
    I based on reviews of other customers to buy this book and I was disappointed. Perhaps it is interesting to discover that gifted, but not for those who know their differences for a while. This book seems to be written just to get to therapy. It is br
  • thank you! 34  

    I think too: How to channel this pervasive mental (Paperback)
    I leave this book with great feeling it was specially written for me. It's me! ... In content but also in its tone. He invites me to dive almost lovingly in the right brain hypersensitive and hyperémotif of mine in this mind in constant turmoil, in w
  • Beautiful! 1256  

    I think too: How to channel this pervasive mental (Paperback)
    Here is a fabulous book which I escaped, as well says a user with this incredible feeling that it was written just for me! How many things become clear in the pages: emotionality, hyperesthesia, relationships with others, how to constantly build rela
  • soothing and rewarding.  

    I think too: How to channel this pervasive mental (Paperback)
    Encumbered by the brain churns 24 h. / 24, I thought I was "abnormal." I am told too complicated, too sensitive, too attached to my values, too perfectionist, too "analyst", too busy, too ... everything I dreamed of disconnect my brain
  • Very positive 1  

    Emotions, user manual (Paperback)
    Small book very useful to understand the primary functions of emotions often forgotten. It raised awareness of many things, this is a book to have with you, I also advise prospective parents to best support their children. Personally this book made m
  • A breath of fresh air 2 2  

    Escaping manipulators: Solutions exist! (Paperback)
    Really thank you to Christel Petitcollin for writing this book. Me too by reading I had the impression to find my story. Through this book I no longer feel guilty found myself in this situation and especially I can see my coldly manipulative and laug
  • Unrivaled product to date  

    DevaCurl Wash Cream Cleanser No-Poo - For full curls life and maximum protection against Friso TTIS - Non-foaming - 355 ml (Personal Care)
    I use brand products for two years. Lorraine Massey is the Creator of this range I also bought the book (English). I have nothing but compliments on my hair that has a time was indomitable.
  • English book  

    Slumdog Millionaire: Originally published as Q & A. English reading for the upper stage. Original annotation (Paperback)
    Read the book already read in German and want it now again read in English, the book is great
  • A super exciting and sweet book for English beginners  

    Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns (The Land of Stories) (Hardcover)
    As was the first part: exciting, well written and easy to understand. I would from 7th grade for those who do not speak English by small, recommend. Limit up there in my opinion, not really, but you're never too old for tales: D The book itself is re
  • My first English audio book - certainly not my last!  

    Outlander (Audio CD)
    Honestly - the voice of Julia Roberts or Ally McBeal, I could not really imagine as the embodiment of Claire me, so I grabbed the curious American original version. And was not disappointed, I can understand everything and can gain an interesting ins
  • My "first book in English"  

    Harry Potter, Volume 1: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Paperback)
    Unbelievable, never a book pleased me so much. Even after studying English for years, I apréhendais read a complete work. Yet Harry and his friends allowed me to take the plunge. Aside from that, it is an incredibly rich and well written novel. I am
  • Great for learning to read English books  

    Harry Potter, Volume 1: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Paperback)
    It is thanks to this book I started reading books in English, while my old notes in high school were frankly not brilliant and it seemed like a huge obstacle difficult to overcome. Yet, I knew that this ability would open the doors of thousands of bo
  • Finally, a clear and simple English grammar book  

    English Grammar in Use with Answers: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Intermediate learners of English (Paperback)
    With the "Murphy", everything is very clear: an explanation of the rules page and opposite page of its associated exercises. The book is written in plain English and affordable by all. I finally understood the use of the "present perfect&qu
  • This book is independent of the structures English grammar in use. Excelent also work to supplement his vocabulary.  

    English Vocabulary in Use: Pre-intermediate and Intermediate with Answers and CD-ROM (CD-Rom)
    very good book. This book is designed by theme to consult and work every day ... A theme studied every day and work exercises on the same topic the next day ... integration will naturally and perfectly if we take a few private lessons with English pr
  • Excellent book for progress in English  

    English grammar by the theme. Master 100 common grammatical difficulties (Paperback)
    This book is very well done for students of preparatory classes including; they can easily be used independently to improve very quickly in writing as well as literary and grammatical theme exercises. To consume without moderation to master the gramm