cutter stanley 165 mm


  • Stanley FatMax 96-230 automatic cutting and stripping pliers  

    Stanley FatMax Automatic cutting and stripping pliers
    Stanley FatMax: The tongs I have to have! Strip the cable can be difficult, but it does not. Some use a side cutter, others a craft knife. The two go, yes, but with the side cutter you can also easily cut the antenna cable (up nothing left), and with
  • Stanley FatMax 89-874 cable pliers  

    Stanley FatMax Cable pliers (tool)
    Short and sweet: The cable pliers Stanley FatMax 89-874 is very comfortable to hold, in spite of the regular weight of 332 grams. The non-slip handles be thanked. The pliers opens itself very easily, but this positive factor. The blades are extremely
  • Rotary Cutter Multi!  

    Rotary Cutter Multi with 3 blades 45 mm Prym 611 368 (household goods)
    I am very satisfied and have these rotary cutter almost daily in use, the price is SUPER !!! We recommend !!! THANK YOU!
  • For a long time in use, long since joy with the nail cutter!  

    Tested JSDA® Nail Drill for manicure and pedicure Professional Electric Nail Set Black CE RoHS (Electronics)
    I was very surprised when I saw the nail cutter of "JSDA" here at Amazon. The nail cutter I have been given two years ago from a friend in Japan and have since completely satisfied with the device! Since then I can on expensive manicure / p
  • Sterntaler st90245 cocoon blanket Stanley  

    Sterntaler st90245 cocoon blanket Stanley (Baby Product)
    Sterntaler st90245 cocoon blanket Stanley. I've processed it as a gift, it is very cozy and clean. The baby will be nicely packed
  • ... Perhaps the best fly cutter grinder?  

    Cloer 7580 Electric coffee grinder (Kitchen)
    My old coffee mill with beater blade grinder, a Severin, has begun some 10 years the spirit abandoned (a rain gauge was already broken). Therefore replacement was needed. I had informed me before buying the Cloer 7580 intensively on the different cof
  • Cutter number 5  

    Stanley Interlock Cutter, blade width 9.5 mm, Blade length 135 mm (tool)
    I use the cutter of this manufacturer for many years and now I not only have a home in the desk drawer, but also at my workplace and in my backpack. The Cutter number 4 I gave my girlfriend and Cutter number 5 now replaces the in the tooths and eager
  • CAUTION: Only 1305 mAh and charged already 165 times.  

    Original Apple iPhone 4S Li-Polymer battery (1430 mAh) (Electronics)
    Two batteries ordered by more than 1 week came from England. Now first battery installed but makes only 1005 mAh and 165 already be charged. So used. Also of quality you can already see the it is not an original product. Very poor workmanship than th
  • Top Rotary Cutter  

    Dahle 507 roll and cut-cutter, cutting length 320mm, blue (Office supplies & stationery)
    Top rotary cutter, still. After I had also bought a no-name Rotary Cutter, I am remorseful returned to branded goods. The few euros savings are in my view disproportionate to the loss of quality. The old Dahle design without the rounded liked better,
  • Probably the sharpest knife in the market (Cutter for the kitchen)  

    Fiskars 978308 Chef's Knife (household goods)
    Much sharper than Ceramic knife. The sharpness of the extremely thin tapered steel blade is used with those of box cutters, ie Stanley knives or cutters. Cut sausage (eg salami) so that is a pleasure and leaves all other knives quickly disappear in t
  • The best Easter cookie cutter in the world!  

    Cutter EI-cutter with rabbit 55 x 37 mm, tinplate (household goods)
    Have ordered this form for Easter biscuits and she's really beautiful. It is quite small but still stable. The integrated rabbits additionally small rabbit biscuits come out of it. A strong buy recommendation. I have to bake sandwich biscuits still o
  • The best Easter cookie cutter in the world! 1  

    Cutter Cutter Egg 5.5 cm stainless steel (houseware)
    Have ordered this form for Easter biscuits and she's really beautiful. It is quite small but still stable. A strong buy recommendation. I have to bake sandwich biscuits still ordered a suitable egg-cutter with an integrated rabbits to. The perfect bi
  • Prym rotary cutter  

    Fabric Cutter / Rotary Cutter Comfort 45 mm (household goods)
    I bought the rotary cutter Prym because I had no desire again only to buy a cheap product, in the hope that it works, and then I have to re-establish that he is total garbage. I'm super happy with this rotary cutter and can no longer think away it to
  • Wonderful with rotary cutter Prym together  

    Prym large mat 60x45 cm (household goods)
    I had doubts as to whether such a mat really gets no traces of a rotary cutter which effortlessly cuts through several layers of fabric, but it really works. The size is more than adequate.
  • Super rotary cutter!  

    Rotary Cutter Maxi Prym Slitter (household goods)
    By the negative reviews of the comparatively very low rotary cutter, I have decided for this model from Prym. I need the rotary cutter for all kinds of fabrics. The aptitude test, in which the rotary cutter had cut through 2 layers of denim, he passe
  • Rotary Cutter 1  

    Rotary Cutter Maxi Prym Slitter (household goods)
    It's a great part. Since then I have him, I have more fun again on my cutting materials. Had I known how pleasant now is my hobby, I would have bought the rotary cutter earlier. I recommend it to others. LG Annette
  • Cutter  

    WEDO Cutter 78 72199 Hobby Knife Set Comfortline with soft grip including 5 precision blades, 1 awl and 2 embossing pins, protective cap, apple green (Office supplies & stationery)
    The knife is very comfortable to hold. Optimally that there are different blades for different cutting jobs. I am very pleased this cutter.
  • Stanley just!  

    STANLEY Cutter FatMaxTM, with magazine, 18 mm - 10-481 plus 10-piece snap-FatMaxTM 18 mm STANLEY - 2-11-718 (tool)
    A very good knife in excellent quality. I have not been able to complain about Produlte of Stanley. Top recommendation.
  • Carellette no, yes tile cutter.  

    Bosch 0603B04400 PTC 640 manual tile cutter 64 cm (Tools & Accessories)
    I have always been accustomed to small manual carellettes and was looking for something to cut large tiles (40cm). I chose this tile cutter and I do not regret at all from the first use. Please note this is a big tile cutter. The size of the carton s
  • to go with my cutter  

    FISKARS TripleTrackTM Blades Straight cut (x2) Guillotines 9893 4153 5446 5454 5456 9690 (Kitchen)
    cellle for which it is fiscars cutter that is just indispensable. best quality / price often found ... the blade comes with the black one that fold ... and then 2 blades! top!