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  • If an error occurs, the buyer is on her!  

    500 Amazon Coins
    It's not real money, thus also not the applicable law for a purchase money be applied. It is not the German buyers right. For me an InApp purchase went wrong and then I have to write between Amazon and the APP-traders often back and forth (Amazon and
  • De Buyer 5610.28 'Mineral B Element' round stove ... De Buyer  

    De Buyer 5610.28 'Mineral B Element' Round frypan Ø 28 cm (Kitchen)
    De Buyer 5610.28 'Mineral B Element' round stove ... Purchased after some research on the net, I am very satisfied with buying mom (following good recommendations) I'll wait a can and if the product responds to my waiting I'd take the model above
  • Disposable bags De Buyer  

    De Buyer 4348.45N Roll of 100 pockets Pâtissières Disposable 45cm (Kitchen)
    Mavaise a surprise when using the first pocket: it was unfortunately poorly welded ... he came out by both sides as the bush !!! Otherwise, no problem for the following 2. So, I still recommend the product. However, when I'd reached the end of the re
  • stove De Buyer 24cm  

    De Buyer 5630.24 'Mineral B Element' round with stove Base for Removable Tail Ø 24 cm (Kitchen)
    Got my stove earlier than prévu.Je am delighted, I proceeded as shown in various sites for "seasoning" .I have used today, she has absolutely no accroché.Je continue to buy from others to replace my .... You have to change the De Buyer least rég
  • Not a product but excellent De Buyer  

    De Buyer 4793.30N Pastry Spatula stainless Right - L. Blade 30 cm (Kitchen)
    As already reported by other buyers it is not a product De Buyer but the quality is at the appointment. No worries for turning pancakes Would recommend
  • not stamped De Buyer  

    De Buyer 4793.30N Pastry Spatula stainless Right - L. Blade 30 cm (Kitchen)
    Surprised to find the spatula stamp "32DUMAS" and not the stamp "De Buyer" Product error? That being the product appears to be of good quality.
  • 32 DUMAS, not De Buyer! I do not know why ...  

    De Buyer Pastry Spatula stainless Right - L. Blade 25 cm (Kitchen)
    I received a version of "32 DUMAS International High carbon stainless steel," as it is engraved on the blade. This is not a ... De Buyer De Buyer unless did (+/- recently) bought 32 brand DUMAS? I contacted De Buyer via their form on the website
  • Quality De Buyer  

    De Buyer 3373.24 basin 'Cul de Poule' Spherical 1/2 - Ø 24 cm (Kitchen)
    I have several utensils De Buyer, and I have never been disappointed. The "bowl" is more convenient than the silicone base ensures a good grip on the work plan. It rises high enough on the body to keep that grip when working by tilting the bowl.
  • OPINION of the buyer: DISSATISFIED. Non-compliant product vs. control. Return costs equivalent to the value of the article.  

    Semoss Leather Case Cover Wallet Case Cover Genuine pouch pocket - Belt loop with snap magnetic closure (for iPhone 5G 5S) (Electronics)
    Item received is Pouche for such mobile which is indicated on the package for 3G / 4GS / ST25i / N610 / HTC ONE V, for an order for an iPhone 5C. The information on the package shows that the delivered product does not correspond to the order. Indeed
  • Twisty pans De Buyer  

    De Buyer 3491.04 'Twisty' Set of 4 Cookware Pots-Ø 14/16/18/20 cm + 1 + 1 black-tailed pair of black silicone knobs (Kitchen)
    We are very happy with this set of pans De Buyer Twisty. The removable tail holds well and is easy to put on and remove. The "ears used to serve directly at the table without burning or being encumbered by the handle. Stainless steel thick good quali
  • Is that a round gate Buyer?  

    De Buyer 0237.32 Grid Round Wire Nickel Legs - Ø 32 cm (Kitchen)
    As one of the comments, I have a serious doubt as to the origin of the product ... In fact, the article is not objectively brand Buyer. A precision from Amazon would be welcome and the least thing.
  • Not suitable for Buyer stoves of corresponding size.  

    De Buyer 4112.32 Glass Lid rimmed with stainless steel Bakelite button - Ø 32 cm (Kitchen)
    I ordered this cover 32 cm De Buyer (model 4112.32) to move to a pan 32 cm De Buyer (model 5110.32). When I received the two articles, I've realized that they did not set the pan is too small to cover ... Apparently, these covers are not intended to
  • Nothing to do with de Buyer  

    De Buyer 044002 Spatula Pastry Bent stainless steel - L. Blade 20 cm (Kitchen)
    I received a "DUMAS" made in China? and not De Buyer.Le process is dishonest because the reference was superimposed on Article DUMAS! The wording of your article is good to Buyer, but the picture when using the zoom, is DUMAS! All this is not ve
  • As always for De buyer .......  

    De Buyer 2610.25 Goma 'Whip Professional Ergonomic - Steel Wire - L. 25 cm (Kitchen)
    Excellent whip that one is well in hand thanks to its non-slip handle. Loyal buyer of this very serious French brand.
  • after a first frying spatula now De Buyer  

    De Buyer 3116.10 Opera Team 'Monobloc spatula - Stainless steel - Handle: 26 cm - 10 x 10 cm (Kitchen)
    having had enough of coated pots and pans that comes off I invested in a skillet De Buyer to test ... and since I am convinced that we can replace carefree coating stoves by "natural" ecological stoves hardwearing and non-carcinogenic ... and th
  • The spatula is not a De Buyer  

    De Buyer 4891.24N Maryse Flexible spatula - rubber blade - Handle 24 cm (Kitchen)
    The delivered product is not brand De Buyer. The spatula is very rigid and I prefer to use another silicone ... The product is therefore not very satisfactory ...
  • De Buyer 4891.24N Spatula Maryse Patisserie L.24Cm  

    De Buyer 4891.24N Maryse Flexible spatula - rubber blade - Handle 24 cm (Kitchen)
    I ordered a brand Maryse De Buyer and I get a brand VOLLRATH, I think this comment speaks for itself, it is scandalous to play on the name of the manufacturers !!!!
  • Vollrath not De Buyer  

    De Buyer 4891.42N Maryse Flexible spatula - rubber blade - Handle 30 cm (Kitchen)
    Spatula I just received is actually the brand Vollrath then obviously I chose to buy this product for its brand originally De Buyer. In addition to not be the desired product is very dirty and did not seem to be very good. This product is canceled or
  • This is not an article De Buyer: scam  

    De Buyer 4891.24N Maryse Flexible spatula - rubber blade - Handle 24 cm (Kitchen)
    Even as the previous comment Spatula of Vollrath brand model 52009 received, NO BUYER. Therefore untruthful ad. This is a big piece of plastic not even flexible as it should, it's not worth 890 euros and x postage. I keep it because I did not want to
  • Pan De Buyer  

    De Buyer 5020.36 'Lyonnaise' Cup Lyonnaise Round frypan Tail Strip - Ep 1,2 mm. - Ø 36 cm (Kitchen)
    Very good stove when you follow the instructions of seasoning very well explained on the video site De Buyer. After use I washed with boiling water only and scraping off any which attached. Then wipe with a paper towel directly and oil. Nothing simpl