google drive for kindle


  • Google Drive for Amazon's Kindle Fire HD - does not reach the range of functions of the original Google  

    Files for Google Drive (App)
    For my Kindle Fire HD, I have an app wanted to get also access to my Google Drive. This was the App Store the only available in Amazon's. The original is available for free in the Google Play Store with full functionality, but this store supports Ama
  • External hard drive for Kindle Fire HD  

    Intenso Memory 2 Move 1TB external hard drive with WiFi (6.4 cm (2.5 inches), 5400rpm, 8MB cache, USB 3.0) White (Personal Computers)
    I wanted to connect an external hard drive to the Kindle to stream over recorded movies. This works well when you install the app from the Google Play Goals. Download on the PC, rüberschieben on Kindle, allow the permissions to install apps from othe
  • Convenient its data from Google Drive, see ...  

    Files for Google Drive (App)
    Finally you can view and edit their Google Drive data on the otherwise so Google Apps-resistant Kindle Fire. An app that does what it is ...
  • Unfortunately, Special Edition for Kindle HD  

    The Room Two (App)
    Amazon or the developers offer the Amazon Appstore unfortunately only a slightly modified version of that presumably. has been optimized for the Kindle Fire, and therefore will not run on other devices. Here is the answer from the developer (me): "Un
  • Perfect Case for Kindle Paperwhite  

    EasyAcc Kindle Paperwhite Cases Case PU Leather Case Cover for Kindle Paperwhite / Kindle Paperwhite 2013 Sleep / Wake up function - Blue
    I ordered the Case for Kindle Paperwhite my wife. The device fits into it perfectly, the switch and the USB connectors are generously saves and easily accessible. The additional weight of the shell falls fortunately hardly. Also, the material feels v
  • Hard drive for purists  

    WD Elements Portable External Hard Drive 1TB (6.4 cm (2.5 inches), USB 3.0) Black (Accessories)
    I have, then buy this hard drive of the urgency out of 50 on offer and have therefore actually, in spite of the good name, not expecting much. I was surprised and I will today. General: It took me back then as I said urgently a portable hard drive fo
  • Very good hard drive for Xbox One  

    WD Elements Portable External Hard Drive 1TB (6.4 cm (2.5 inches), USB 3.0) Black (Accessories)
    Since the internal 500GB Xbox One was relatively quickly full with me (due to many games DLC), had to quickly establish a extension. After a few compare, etc. I then opted for the 1 TB WD Elements Portable. Connected via the Xbox One Formats and sinc
  • Disappointing - not a Test Drive for bikes  

    Ride [PC] (computer game)
    First of all for the better: Finally someone dares times on a motorcycle racing game again! I had soooo hoping there would be a kind of "Test Drive for Bikes" and I've already seen, with the bikes on the road a'la Test Drive Unlimited 2 to
  • Google Drive  

    Files for Google Drive (App)
    The small tool does exactly what it should, and it makes using Google Drive a lot ... also no AbstürzeBugs or so .... I can now leave even complete software tools Kribus DATA run on Google Drive. (Eg. Large address databases, ...)
  • nothing for Kindle Fire HD ...... shame.  

    School of Dragons: Train Your Dragon (App)
    Unfortunately not suitable for Kindle Fire HD ........ shame. Runs on top Smartphone, only because the screen is too small, ie: Lupe use could decipher the text / duties.
  • Perfect for Kindl & Co.  

    mumbi USB charger 2100mA used as power supply / charger cable / charger - Charging Adapter Black (Accessories)
    Perfectly adequate power supply for Kindl and 11 euros cheaper. Allegedly, the Kindl also load faster, according to recessions. Could not test myself because I bought it for a work colleague.
  • Spare hard drive for iMac Intel Core Duo 17 "  

    Western Digital Caviar Green 500GB WD5000AADS internal hard drive (8.9 cm (3.5 inches), 7200RPM, 32MB cache, SATA II) (Personal Computers)
    I had been looking for a new hard drive for my already come into the years iMac 17 "Intel iMac the first generation since the old man might just start reluctantly. The 500 GB drive WD seemed like a good solution, what price / Power concerned. Th
  • High Speed ​​USB Flash Drive for Samsung UE55D7090 [shift]  

    A-Data Superior Series S102 Pro 32GB Memory Stick USB3.0 gray (Personal Computers)
    For my flat screen TV Samsung UE55D7090 I have a 500GB hard drive for filming, so watching TV timeshifting for timeshift recordings I have long been a USB flash drive with 16-32 GB Memory wanted all I wanted to use for the TV comb failed the message
  • External hard drive for recording movies  

    Intenso Memory Station 250GB External Hard Drive (6.4 cm (2.5 inches), USB-Y cable) black (accessories)
    We bought an external hard drive for recording movies at Amazon. The device must be connected to our Panasonic television and via the USB interface / recording function can be easily carried out the desired records. It can be seen by the flashing lig
  • Super drive for the price  

    SAMSUNG SN-208BB 8x8x8xDVD + RW 8x6xDVD-RW 4xDVD + R DL 4xDVD-R DL 5xDVDRAM 24x24x24xCDRW sATA SlimLine black without SW (Accessories)
    I bought this drive for my HTPC and am very satisfied! It's a bit noisy, but since the unit is a few meters away under the TV does not mind. For 19 I am very satisfied. Strong buy recommendation to all who do not want it installed in a laptop. In a f
  • EasyAcc Protective Case for Kindle 4 - Great value for money  

    EasyAcc Black premium leather Case Cover with Multi Angle represent new Kindle 4 (2011 Release) Wi-Fi / 3G 6 "E Ink Display Reader + 2 screen protectors for Kindle eBook (PU leather, Black)
    Good and affordable cover for Kindle 4. The processing makes a great impression, the sheath provides high quality of the (for the price) expected. Highly recommended!
  • This product does not contain the "driver" for Windows 8.1  

    TomTom Start 50 (5 inches) Europe 45 Life Mapping (1FD5.002.01) (Electronics)
    I received this TomTomGo50 6 October 2014. Because it is a new product, there had not commented on its compatilbilité with Windows 8.1 on Amazon or elsewhere. When I logged into my ordinator for the records and update it, I found that my Windows 8.1
  • Ideal hard drive for the PS3 !!!  

    WD Blue Mobile WD5000BEVT Internal hard drive 2.5 '' SATA II 500 GB (Personal Computers)
    I replaced the "old" 40GB hard drive for my PS3 Fat by it or 500GB at a more than reasonable rate. This hard drive is fully compatible with PS3 console. Specifications and especially disk size are very suitable. Formatting (made from the PS3) an
  • I-USBKEY 32GB - USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad, ...  

    I-USBKEY 32GB - USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad, Apple MFI certified (Personal Computers)
    I-USBKEY 32GB - USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPadII, easy to use and receive the necessary application. working properly. By cons I do not understand how to link use the Adobe Acrobat application with i-USBKEY application? But I can read my papers
  • Warning no driver for mac!  

    All in One Logitech Wireless Keyboard TK820 living room PC for wireless QWERTY Black (Personal Computers)
    I bought this keyboard as well as stickers (stickers that can stick the good characters on some keys that do not match) for my mac. Keyboard level Hopefully, the trackpad is a problem. As Logitech did not bother to write a driver for mac, the trackpa