mia heating pad review


  • Finally a heating pad that warms !!!  

    Bosch heating pad PFP1136 / burgundy - heather (Personal Care)
    Since this article yet unrated, I was at first hesitant. Now I'm still glad to have bought this heating pad Bosch. My old heating pad Beurer gave up after 2 years, so I've recently gained the current version of Beurer HK 35, I thought, because you ca
  • Heating pad Beurer HK 58 Cosy 215.05  

    Beurer HK 58 Cosy Back and neck heating pad (Personal Care)
    Quick and easy delivery through Amazon. The heating pad is very good, covers the entire back up to the kidney area and is also high in the control range a pleasant warmth to the body and the problem zones. Some reviews, in which the temperature is in
  • Heating pad lukewarm  

    Beurer HK 25 heating pad (Personal Care)
    From a heating pad can here be no question - it is also on Level 3 just lukewarm (and then only in the middle). Immediate return - annoying!
  • Beurer heating pads  

    Beurer HK 25 heating pad (Personal Care)
    I have often times back pain or neck, so now had to finally restore a heating pad. I am very pleased with the Beurer heating pads! There are very warm at the highest level, but not too hot. You can take the pillow well with the bed and start at the h
  • Heating pad? Rather not ...  

    Beurer HK 25 heating pad (Personal Care)
    This heating pad might want to be talking about one, if it is big ... At level 1 and 2, no heat generation was palpable. At Level 3, after 15 minutes a slight balmy change. A heating pad is not. Whether it was possibly only a single defective copy or
  • Better than any heating pad, vigorously by heating and high quality  

    Beurer FW 20 Cosy foot warmer (Personal Care)
    Hello! I belong to the people, the year-round wear two pairs of socks, because they always have cold feet. So far, for heating the feet diverse heating pad were used. Before making any purchase of a heating pad I always squinted toward foot warmers,
  • Beurer Heating pad Cosy XXL HK  

    Beurer HK 125 Cosy XXL heating pad (Personal Care)
    The pillow has a good size, regardless of whether it is used in portrait or landscape mode. The Themperaturwahl done easily on a clear switch. A red marking is a clear statement of the heat setting, several steps can be selected. After 1 hours, the p
  • A good heating pad.  

    Comfort heating pad Beurer HK microfibre fleece (Health and Beauty)
    Item received two days before the scheduled date in a very good package. Upon opening the package, we see immediately that the cushion is the same as the picture data on the seller's page. The article, very well finished, comes with a fairly comprehe
  • heating pad 1  

    Mia - HK 1022 - Heating pad for back and neck 100 watts (Health and Beauty)
    satisfied with the heating pad over his form which is used to heat the neck and the back simultaneously. it is also compact. I highly recommend it.
  • Heating pad for vehicle  

    AmazonBasics heated seat cushion with temperature control Black remote control 3 positions 12 V (Miscellaneous)
    I tried it and it is true that it heats well, we're still in a summer season I do not think sufficiently objective, I'll add comments later. Straps used to secure the cushion to prevent slipping. In fact, in use, the straps jump and slide the cushion
  • Acceptable substitute for Grandma heating pad  

    Bosch PFP1037 Soft feel-good heating pad RelaxxTherm L, 100 Watt, quick heating (Personal Care)
    I bought this heating pad after the old East German Granny heating pad 30 years ago no longer looked so trustworthy by the cable. After much searching, I have decided for this product. Meanwhile, I've used it several times and am satisfied with the h
  • Beurer heating pads super  

    Beurer HK 25 heating pad (Personal Care)
    Beurer stands for us at heating pad for quality. Our previous no-name heating pad suddenly began to stew - which has never happened to us at Beurer. So we have now but again decided to replace Beurer, though inevitably a bit more expensive. Also very
  • Good heating pad for back  

    Soehnle 68011 Vario heat pillow Active Plus (Health and Beauty)
    Unlike the competing product from Bosch this heating pad is also really warm at level 3. Tensions on the back can be so well treated. After a few minutes, the maximum heat is reached and is then held up to 90 minutes. The neck portion could be made a
  • already the 2. Defective heating pad Sanitas  

    Sanitas SHK 18 heating pad (Personal Care)
    added, I use the heating pad every day ... this is but one reason that the heating pad after 2 weeks to stop working. I suspect that it has something to do with the time switch. It is the second heating pad Sanitas; the first had the same mistake. I
  • Heating pads today :(  

    Sanitas SHK 18 heating pad (Personal Care)
    After the good old TCM heating pads (times of GDR) has given up the ghost I was looking for a new alternative but no matter how long I've been looking for, it will be none left what is really hot, which in turn is linked with new EU directives! So I
  • Good heating pad  

    Sanitas SHK 18 heating pad (Personal Care)
    Great heating pad for a great price. It has three different heat settings. The 3rd stage I would compare it to a classic hot water bottle. Especially in winter, when a stomach ache, neck pain, back pain etc. wonderfully usable. It's not too big and y
  • Beurer Heating pad HK 35  

    Beurer HK 35 heating pad (Personal Care)
    The heating pad Beurer has a pleasant warmth, but you can compare the heat of today's heating pad is no longer with the old, who are become very hot. I had turned on the 3rd stage here and found the heat very pleasant. The other stages were me "cold&
  • The optimum heating pad for me  

    Beurer HK 35 heating pad (Personal Care)
    I am very pleased with this heating pad. I especially like the automatic shutdown. Thus, it is not a problem if I fall asleep at night should times with activated heating pad. The division into three heat settings has convinced me of this product. So
  • Anders and perhaps better than others - or a heating pad only for techies?  

    TherMedic DR3663 - infrared heating pad heating pad 30x60cm for back pain (no metal wires / no EMF), neck pain, shoulder pain, intervertebral disc disease, lumbago (thermal blanket / blanket / quick heating hot therapy) (Health and Beauty)
    This heating pad is different from others. That's why I bought it, knowing full well that not always "better" must "different" mean. An experiment so. And it has been shown, "different" in this case, and I think in this case,
  • Hydas 4682 Neck / Shoulder heating pad  

    Hydas 4682 Neck / Shoulder heating pad (Personal Care)
    The neck heating pad helps excellently with pain in the cervical spine area. I can only recommend it at myogeloses. Massages had not helped me.