philips led 6w 470 lumen 360 e27


  • SODIAL (R) Light Bulb / 4W 12V MR16 LED Light (340-Lumen 50 Watt equivalent) 3200K  

    SODIAL (R) Light Bulb / 4W 12V MR16 LED Light (340-Lumen 50 Watt equivalent) 3200K beam angle of 45 degrees (Kitchen)
    SODIAL (R) Light Bulb / 4W 12V MR16 LED Light (340-Lumen 50 Watt equivalent) 3200K beam angle. Hello everyone. Small defect on both poles when hot, the poles sinks
  • Philips LED Spots Master unsatisfactory in low dimming range  

    Busch-Jaeger 6523 U dimmer insert (tool)
    As one of my dimmer by UNITEC was broken after half a year with me and I was not quite satisfied with this dimmer, I now wanted to replace the dimmer against Busch & Jäger and test it, because after consultation with the B & J Support Philips lamp
  • Philips LED Daytime Running Lights  

    Philips LED 12810WLEDX1 DayLight5 - Discontinued (Automotive)
    Hello There, the Philips LED Daytime Running Lights've built into my Porsche 928 GTS. I am impressed by the material and workmanship of these lights and the control unit. The description is to use, when one considers that it is multilingual. It must
  • Philips LED bulb  

    Philips LED bulb replaces 25W E27 2700 Kelvin - warm white, 2.7 Watt, 250 lumen (household goods)
    Super light have, my energy-saving lamps replaced by Philips LED bulbs, because I was afraid of the mercury in energy-saving lamps. Immediately full light power is there, with energy saving lamps had to wait until the complete brightness forever.
  • Philips LED lamp 60Watt E27 2700  

    Philips LED lamp replaces 60Watt E27 2700 Kelvin - warm white, 5,7Watt, 345 lumens (household goods)
    Two ceiling spotlights are regulated via a dimmable switch. With the brightness and the color of light, I am satisfied. With reduced brightness unfortunately occurs a flicker. I can not judge whether the flickering of the LED lamp or the dimmer is tr
  • Lumen Star E27 DIMMABLE 1100Lumen Sicilia Power 5050 SMD LED warm white (approx ....  

    LumenStar® LED E27 11W Dimmable - 1100lm 3000K warm white, 180 ° viewing angle, replaced 100W - Sicilia
    Now that I have bought and tried some LED / SMD bulbs I can recommend lamps with a clear conscience! Brightness comes to 100 watt bulb Ran, the color is super comfortable, I would describe him as a yellow-white times. So far, everything prima process
  • Philips LED bulb E27, 9.5 W 19,298,500, when operating with my motion: Pears ignite late and flicker  

    Philips LED bulb 8W / 48W replaced / 827/600 lumens / E27 19,298,500 (household goods)
    I wanted to use these lights outdoors and operate with the existing motion. Unfortunately, all the bulbs flicker on all detectors and fire only after about 6-8 seconds. Without detectors, so in normal operation with light switch, the lights are prope
  • Philips LED lamp  

    Philips LED lamp replaces 40 Watt, 2700 Kelvin, 470 lumens, warm white 8718291762348 (household goods)
    Also, I have now decided to convert my lamps to LED. I have chosen this as Philips me the price has fallen and I expect a good quality of Philips. When I then received the lamps I tried this out immediately, I immediately noticed that these are sligh
  • Philips LED GU10  

    LED lamp replaces 35 watts GU10 Reflector 3000 Kelvin, 3,5Watt, 240 lumens (household goods)
    Very good light, best workmanship, the product is relatively expensive, but worth every Euro. I have more than 13 pieces installed anywhere, and I have to say these things are amazing. Why did they disappear more and more from the markets with us and
  • Philips LED TV 26PFL3606H / 26 "  

    Philips 26PFL3606H / 12 66 cm (26 inch) LCD TV (HD ready, DVB-T / C, CI +) (Electronics)
    A beautiful, simple LED TV in black housing and a matt screen, the therefore mainly reflects not! Very good, natural image with flawless, streak-free view and good response time even in fast moving pictures. I have quite a bit of LED TVs seen. Philip
  • PHILIPS LED 3D 47PFL7606K Disco behind TV  

    Philips 47PFL7606K / 02 119 cm (47 inches) Ambilight 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 400Hz PMR, DVB-T / C / S, Smart TV) silver gray (Electronics)
    PHILIPS 47PFL7606K Ambilight2, LED Full HD, 3D For 2 weeks now we have the mentioned Philips TVs. TV ?, thus has probably nothing to do. For weeks I have read in forums, was in markets go. To buy something? Plasma or LED? How big, optics and color, t
  • Philips LED Spot  

    Philips Ledino LED table lamp 1-lamp dimmable Universa 6 W, matt chrome 579 491 716 (household goods)
    Led Spot with great warm white light cone. Very robust and high quality workmanship. Housing made of metal, not how else to expect from Philips. For the price of Oxid7 ... Buy !!!! PS: not dimmable, as described
  • Philips LED bulb 9.5 Watt  

    Philips LED lamp replaces 60Watt E27 2700 Kelvin - warm white, 9 Watt, 806 lumen, double (household goods)
    Ordered on 21 lamps, 24 have already been delivered although the weekend was in between. Very fast service and well packed the goods was also. The lights are very bright, pleasant and full brightness immediately after switching there. Not like in the
  • Philips LED / Ambilight very satisfactory BUT ...  

    Philips 32PFL7605H 32 "LCD TV LED HDTV 1080p 100Hz 3 HDMI USB (Electronics)
    Over-packaging by Amazon nonexistent which is quite / very risky ... Carton "philips" arrived perforated (5cmx5cm) fortunately without consequence. Big scratches on the back of the foot (therefore invisible in everyday use) ... unknown origin (n
  • Philips LED lamp 3 Watt  

    Philips LED lamp replaces 25 Watt, E14 2700 Kelvin, 250 lumens, warm white 8718291786979 (household goods)
    This 3 Watt LED lamp can easily replace an old 25 watt light bulb. The light color can be described as identical to a light bulb.
  • LUMEN STAR E27 11W 1100 Lumen Livorno [daylight white 5000K] Power 5050 ...  

    LumenStar® LED E27 bulb 11W - 1100lm, 5000K cool white, 180 ° viewing angle, replaced 100W - Livorno
    Much I can not, because the LED is in operation only since 5 days. This LED is really bright, the manufacturer's instructions are aptly. What is missing with in this LED is around a glass or plastic body around the lamp so that the LEDs are better pr
  • Philips LED spot beam Star 4 flame, aluminum  

    Philips myLiving LED spot beam Star 4 flame, aluminum (household goods)
    The lamp has a very pleasant color temperature. Not too cold and not too hot, somewhere in between. The lamp hanging in our hallway and lit these, and the staircase well. The design is a matter of taste. It is modern, yet timeless and somehow restrai
  • LED lamp 600 lumens  

    E14, E14 LED, E14 7W Warm White 600 lumens, 36 (5630) SMD LED Lamp 230V CCD emitters E14 Warm White, LEDLine
    After a long search finally found a Lmape higher lumen number, despite a small thread. So far everything is going well. For durability, I can not say anything yet. So far, I would absolutely recommend.
  • LED Lenser P3 BM, LED flashlight, 16 lumens of light output, art. No. 8403 ...  

    LED LENSER® P3 BM, LED flashlight, 16 lumens of light output, art. No. 8403/8603 (tool)
    This flashlight is well suited as a key ring for quick use in the dark. I have this light two years ago ever bought but then with a CREE light chip. Since the-reviewed only has a somewhat weaker diode LED is the light output corresponding to the slig
  • SP32016 Mini Mag-Lite AAA high power LED flashlight, 84 lumens, 12.5 cm, including 2 AAA batteries and pocket clip, schwar  

    Mag-Lite LED Mini Flashlight AAA up to 84 lumens, 12.5 cm, incl. 2 Micro batteries and pocket clip, black, SP32016 (equipment)
    Super: Very fast shipping in good packing to a packing station (and the pre-Christmas). Once again, kudos to Amazon! There is a very high quality product "Made in USA" (no comparison with cheaper China-commodity). The processing and the appearan