Philips X-TREME VISION H1 2ER KIT lamp


  • Philips X-treme Vision H1  

    Philips X-treme Vision + 100% H1 headlamp 12258XVS2, set of 2 (Automotive)
    The latest generation of Philips headlamps keeps its promises! Perfect illumination of the road, brightness beyond all competition and a nearly white light color. Night rides are with the X-treme Vision for relaxed pleasure. Small disadvantage is, al
  • Philips X-treme Vision + 130% - outstanding  

    Philips X-treme Vision + 130% H4 headlight bulb 12342XV + S2, set of 2 (Automotive)
    I have my leached H7 standard lamps to replace the X-treme Vision 130+. This was due to the lack of luminosity of the old bulbs. My pictures show the "before / after" effect. I just swapped the daytime running lights bulbs to xenon bulbs, so the
  • Philips X-treme Vision + 100% H4 headlight bulb, 2er Kit  

    Philips X-treme Vision + 100% H4 headlight bulb 12342XVS2, set of 2 (Automotive)
    Have the H4 used in a new Fiat Panda, needlessly. I can not say that the H4 the light cone illuminates much further, but powerful, even on the sides. It is twice as bright, even if 100% it says more light. I had not expected, since light output and b
  • Philips X-treme Vision 12972XVS2 + 100% H7 headlight bulb, 2er Kit  

    Philips X-treme Vision + 100% H7 headlight bulb 12972XVS2, set of 2 (Automotive)
    Amazon delivered again very fast, super bright bulbs that I drive already easily 1 year, can not find a negative until now, this pair is installed in our second car.
  • Philips X-treme Vision 12972XVS2 + 100% H7  

    Philips X-treme Vision + 100% H7 headlight bulb 12972XVS2, set of 2 (Automotive)
    These lamps are absolutely top. Have they built into the Golf 5 and so far no problem. The light output is much better than usual at H7, clear gain in safety, especially at night, in rain and fog .... BUY I'm just
  • Philips X-treme Vision + 100% H7  

    Philips 12972XVS2 Set of 2 headlight bulbs X-treme Vision H7 (Automotive)
    Similar to standard bulbs, but really more powerful. No modification needed. Beam color surrounding 4300K. By against lesser longevity over conventional or long Philips Life (change after 1 years on a motorcycle headlights and not on beam over two ye
  • H4 bulbs Philipe X-treme Vision  

    Philips 12342XVS2 Set of 2 headlight bulbs X-treme Vision + 100% H4 (Automotive)
    Bulbs bought for my bike. The rendering is certainly better than the original and the night we well aware, but do not break three legs to a duck. The price is exceptional compared to trade or other announcements on Amazon. Very fast delivery. So I re
  • philips light bulbs h1 x-treme Vision + 130  

    consistent delivery no problem at the reception. I installed these bulbs there 2 weeks in h1 and I use the low beam. Result: no lightning they better than my original bulbs, I see especially on unlit roads, but not expect a miracle either. level colo
  • 2er table lamps  

    2er Set Table lamps with touch sensor and fabric shade "Jannis' nickel
    The expectations were fully met. With the product, I am very satisfied. The table lamps I would order again and again. Ute Stöneberg
  • Philips headlamp H7 Vision  

    Philips 12972PRB1 headlamp H7 Vision (Automotive)
    Price and quality agreed with this product in complete agreement, am very satisfied with the performance of the headlamp. Have fun while driving
  • BREAK THE NIGHT! | The night is dark? So not!  

    OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER H7 halogen headlight bulb UNLIMITED 64210NBU-HCB + 110% more light and + 20% whiter light set of 2 (Automotive)
    If my review has helped, I would be glad about a "YES" vote down this legislation review much. For the people who want to read it crisp and short, here are my pros and Con's: +++ +++ PRO + Whiter light than standard lamps + Extreme light ou
  • Brightness compared with Mercedes-Benz genuine lamp  

    Philips X-treme Vision + 130% H7 headlight bulb 12972XV + S2, set of 2 (Automotive)
    I have already had several H7 lamps with me in action, in particular the original lamps from Mercedes-Benz, sets of Aldi and repeats the Philips X-treme Vision + 100% - Subjectively I found the Philips quite bright but short life brought me back agai
  • Luminous efficiency ok, but not quite enough to connect with the Bosch Plus90 or Osram Night Breaker  

    Philips X-treme Vision + 100% H7 headlight bulb 12972XVS2, set of 2 (Automotive)
    Philips X-treme Vision 12972XVS2 + 100% H7 headlight bulb, 2er Kit Once I was satisfied with the Osram Night Breaker of the light quality, brightness, light color etc. so far, lacked their far unfortunately on the durability (burning time 6 months to
  • Super bright white light but unfortunately very short life  

    Bosch Autolampenset H7 Plus +90, double box (Automotive)
    Have previously the Philips 12972NGRDLS H7R NightGuide + 50% 2er Kit driven and have now bestehlt me ​​again. With also the Bosch H7 +90 Plus and I must say that these bulbs are brighter than the Philips. The brightness and illumination of the road a
  • Best H7 bulb until now !!!  

    H7 Xenon optics halogen bulbs 8500K Super White Bulbs
    The H7 bulbs came very quickly thanks to Prime, the lamps made a stable and commercially remaining impression. After installing the first test lamps. I had previously Philips X-treme Vision. The effect is pure madness, I decided for this product due
  • Light in the Darkness / + + + + + + 2014 UPDATE  

    Philips X-treme Vision + 100% H4 headlight bulb 12342XVS2, set of 2 (Automotive)
    The lamps were installed in my Citroen Berlingo 3 Bj. 2010 The illumination compared to the hardware store or gas stations pears is especially clearly visible in clear-glass headlights, not to mention Dehn bulbs that were installed at the factory. Th
  • Poor light output - yellowness  

    GE General Electric H7 Megalight Ultra + 120% Set of 2 58520SNU PX26d (Automotive)
    Originally I have now for over nem year had the Philips X-Treme Vision +100. As I have read in many forums that it also is legal even brighter H7 bulbs, I let myself over to this eden. Unfortunately, an absolute disappointment - the light is subjecti
  • Brightness and durability ok.  

    OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER PLUS 64210NBP H7 2er-Box - Discontinued Model (Automotive)
    Bought in March 2013 and installed. In mid-May 2014 (1 year and 1 month / about 25000km later) broke the first. Brightness is fully in order (Similar to Philips 12972 VP H7 VisionPlus 2er Kit) Durability better than Philips 12972 VP H7 VisionPlus 2er
  • no blue and good light ...  

    Philips Blue Vision Ultra xenon effect H7 headlight bulb 12972BVUSM, set of 2 (Automotive)
    Have installed the bulbs + parking lights on my Golf 4 and had previously the Philips X-treme Vision. Compared to which the luminance and width rather poor and blueness of the light can be no question; it is rather a white pieces, but not significant
  • Beware of damage !!!!  

    OFF-ROAD OSRAM COOL BLUE HYPER Halogen Lamp 62210-H7 5000K HCB double box (Automotive)
    I usually take philips but I know the quality osram, these bulbs are superb, beautiful record, clear and precise lighting! small price, better than the blue vision and phillips philips x treme vision. incomparable !!!! osram thank you! Well 24 days o