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  • The Zebra stripes  

    The Solitude of Prime Numbers (Paperback)
    Two injured beings, containing dark secrets in them, through adolescence into difficulties with the inevitable transition to adulthood. Fragments of life addressed with finesse and sensitivity that make us Mattia and Alice endearing in their imperfec
  • Chaste and elegant  

    The Solitude of Prime Numbers (Paperback)
    A very controlled style, a beautiful first novel. I have little more to make the comments already made, and join them: it crosses the adolescence of two characters, but I keep in mind the memory of distant characters the reader; one would like to hel
  • Just look but missed it hangs  

    The Solitude of Prime Numbers (Paperback)
    It would be like an ethnographic study focused on mild 2 teenagers on the mental edge, but you do not get bored ... almost. The chapters on childhood and adolescence are rhythmic and attractive. Following is nonsensical, disappointing. I was disappoi
  • Mathematics depressing  

    The Solitude of Prime Numbers (Paperback)
    This first novel of this young Italian author holds the reader's attention with its elegant and intriguing title that immediately suggests the ambivalence of history proposed and its outcome. The success of the novel may not have been based on its na
  • a mixture of sweetness and bitterness that leaves traces  

    The Solitude of Prime Numbers (Paperback)
    "The Solitude of Prime Numbers" is a rather unusual book, which touches, which sometimes hurts, striking by the accuracy of certain feelings. The title alone is beautifully located and perfectly matches the universe is born from the pen of Paolo