"The Expendables 3": A crashing action score with melancholic moments ....

"The Expendables 3": A crashing action score with melancholic moments ....

The Expendables 3 (Audio CD)

Customer Review

"Drummer is in tha house!"

These "EXPENDABLES" movies is a very strange thing - the magnificent the cast with any sequel, the more unsatisfactory as the final finished film ....
Do not get me wrong - "The Expendables 3" makes terrific fun all along the line, he does extremely well oomph, and all the guys with whom you grew up as an action fan, watch "at work", creates a simply awesome feeling !!!!
But the first "EX" was just the knackigste, coolest, most iconic, staged most taut (even in the Director's Cut) - maybe Sly would have the Director-scepter to keep in hand even with the followers ....
But as I said: Even so mercilessly iconic Action Entertainment - always welcome!

Brian Tyler has given him from the film technically situation made the very best - and again got off to a beinhart crashing Action score who commands a Beware of the volume control in its best moments!

Old school is simply the best, even if the electronic support for even more drive and adrenaline also provides the listener:
Magnificently and vulominös recorded with a large symphony orchestra, the first leaves off the leash stand at attention a score-lovers delight!
Because really comes joy!

However, the rules of the genre (and of film editing) can not always be a continuous melody bow and listening to, so it can also come within the tracks to abrupt tempo and style changes, which is sometimes more than a pity.
But that does Tyler just the maligned by my pre-reviewers in my opinion wrongly "quiet idle moments" up for it - particularly the scenes where we as viewers an insight into the psyche and / or the past of example Stonebanks ( Gibson) and of course Galgo (gets granted Banderas) belong for me to the best spectacle moments of the whole film: and accompanied Tyler just perfect with this gloomy and restless melancholy!

Conclusion: Like the movie itself is the accompanying score a high-class product with minor degradation - but still very far above the average!

"The Expendables 3" by Brian Tyler:
A real recommendation !!!!

"What about security?"
"Who is this - and what kinda language is that?"

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