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  • Epilation, peeling, shaving - all rolled into one. Experiences & Reviews.  

    Braun Silk-épil 7 epilator SkinSpa 7951 (with 4 towers & scrub brush) (Health and Beauty)
    Comprehensive "insights & tips" about epilation I add the rating to below. This device I use now for several months ... The conclusion quite succinctly: I am completely satisfied with it, even though I still find the brush rather reliab
  • The review for the man  

    Braun 7681 WD Silk-epil Wet and Dry Epilator (Health and Beauty)
    Preview It's common knowledge that men usually are equipped with a luxuriant body hair than women. While in earlier times the men still wore chest hair toupees in the movies, hair is taboo for men nowadays. Thus, this change affects the society on on
  • Relatively cheaper epilator for beginners / interior. (Little accessories or additional essays.)  

    Braun Silk-épil 5 Young Beauty epilator 5329 (incl. Facial cleansing brush) (Health and Beauty)
    First of all I have to mention: My legs are depilated since time immemorial. I find this kind of annoying hair going to be most effective, but this is pure picture and habituation thing, because "pain" I take into account, and I have now ju
  • An epilator must-have in his bathroom !!  

    Braun Silk-épil 5 5580. 3 Accessories + cooling glove (Health and Beauty)
    Firstly this appliance a nice design and provides a good grip. The electrical outlet is flat, straight and fine, not a big transformer L as on my old epilator, which can connect most easily on narrow taken (type of SDB taken around sinks) or not very
  • New edition of a classic epilator. Without innovation, it just proven quality.  

    Braun Silk-épil 7 Legs, Body & Face + Face Cleaning Brush 7-569 Wet & Dry Promotion Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Since 2010, I have the opportunity on the Vine tester program to test devices as just this. Who wonders why I * need the umpteenth epilator * does not need to read further. It's like this: I have fun doing, like to compare the performance (so far hav
  • First Time epilation!  

    Philips HP6565 / 00 Satin Intimate Präzisionsepilierer, white-violet (Personal Care)
    One in advance, I have never epilated, and once let the legs grow, otherwise only every now and then tried with cold wax itself, depilatory or shaved mainly wet. But especially in the summer log after a morning shave already evening again the stubble
  • This device does not deserve the name epilator !!!  

    Braun SE 7175 Silk-épil 7 Legs - Wireless Wet & Dry epilator (Personal Care)
    Device getting today, unpacked, charged and tried! After two minutes, I realized that this thing not depilated, but pinch off the hair! Advantage for all pain-sensitive: it does not hurt! I epiliere for over ten years, I know that you can feel that!
  • Satinelle Epilator in Turquoise  

    Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6401 / 06 with shaving head (Personal Care)
    Have the epilator at the weekend though with another provider acquired, but it is and will remain the same device. The delivery includes the epilator with his usual essay, to the rather long cable including adapter and an extra "Shaver" * essay,
  • Top unit (with lots of accessories!) For multi-epilator, but also for beginners!  

    Braun Silk-épil 5 5780 epilator with dual comfort system (with 5 papers) (Health and Beauty)
    Top Pre-Tune My conclusion: I find this Silk Epil epilator from Braun TOP. The epilation is clean vonstatten - the thing with the pain is highly subjective. I put it on the legs and under the armpits (no longer) hurt, but the bikini area ... ouch! Fo
  • If strong conversion and application was used to epilation not easy  

    Veet Infini'Silk Pro IPL hair removal device incl. Precision attachment (Personal Care)
    Today I want to introduce the hair removal device "Infini Pro IPL Silk" from the home Veet. The hair removal with this Home Pulsed Light technology is not suitable for Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI, or even for people with light hair and / or
  • Top unit with attachment for epilating & Shaving --- perhaps a recommendation for epilator beginners?  

    Braun Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry epilator 7-751 (5 articles) (Health and Beauty)
    First of all I have to mention: My legs are depilated since time immemorial. I find this kind of annoying hair going to be most effective. "Pain" I take into account, or I have now just become friends with it and may even say: It itches at best
  • Effective and pain-reduced epilation ...  

    Rowenta EP9350 epilator Aqua Perfect Soft / wet and dry operation (Personal Care)
    I have with my vote consciously time left ... my impressions / experience after intensive use (in short sentences): [+] The epilator set comes in an attractive package (35 x 22 cm) [+] Storage bag attached [+] Processing works, to the extent assessed
  • So does epilation FUN !!! :-)  

    Braun Silk-épil Xpressive epilator 7781/01 Easy Start Wet & Dry (Personal Care)
    Have the epilator bought me and accordingly expects a lot from the not particularly cheap device due to the mostly very positive reviews. My old machine has already determined 10 more years at the hump and I habs used in time maybe 5 times - could no
  • Combining epilation & shaving in my opinion not necessary ...  

    Braun Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry epilator 7891 Wireless with 3 essays (Personal Care)
    ... The device itself is in this combination, however, not a bug! Advance the most important thing: My legs are depilated since ever. I find this kind of annoying hair going to be most effective. The "pain" I take into account, and I have now ju
  • A new generation of epilator ...  

    Braun Silk-épil 5/5280 epilator Xelle Legs & Body (Health and Beauty)
    After the epilator in the context of the 'Amazon Vine' program arrived with me I wanted the machine, before I give my wife to extensive testing, try it yourself. Luckily I cleared my fair on time, I can not so readily edit my legs with the device. Po
  • Painless epilation? But! It works!  

    Rowenta EP9350 epilator Aqua Perfect Soft / wet and dry operation (Personal Care)
    An epilator to do especially good job for the money, saying, work quickly and efficiently as possible with optimum pain minimization. I have already tested some models and be able to give my a reasonably reliable judgment. But one shortcoming had all
  • Additions to the existing reviews  

    Sony DSC-RX100 III digital camera (20 megapixel Exmor R sensor, 3x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, Full HD, WiFi / NFC) (Electronics)
    Actually, for years I've been waiting for a camera like this: Small and handy, good appearance, good video function and integrated viewfinder. Since I am highly visually impaired and for years I am angry about the abstinence of electronic viewfinders
  • Usually you have no "review" Write ...  

    Meymoon quality 55mm lens cap with clip closure cap (accessory)
    ... For such a small plastic particles. Since here but 1- and 2-star reviews mention that the cover does not fit or falls almost by itself, I would like to disagree with here: The section is secure and also hooked not! Making a difference to my lost
  • Can the partly unfounded negative reviews here so just do not leave you in the room ...  

    Nikon D750 SLR Digital Camera (24.3 megapixels, 8.1 cm (3.2 inch) display, HDMI, USB 2.0) body only (Electronics)
    I rate rare, but here I just have to correct intervene accordingly ... ;-) I have the D750 since 02.10.2014 and could not be happier. Of course there are some details that Nikon better could have done - for example, AF-On button, 1 / 8000s shutter sp
  • Review from the perspective of a longtime Gamers  

    PlayStation 4 - console (console)
    My way to Playstation 4 was a bit rocky. Starting namely all had a Xbox One. With this review, I would like to PS4 from the perspective of a normal Gamers enter (no fan-boy, not a technology freak). Who wants to read only the conclusions can scroll d