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  • Sophie and her friends will entertain baby and allow him to "teething"  

    Vulli Box Multi-Products (Baby Care)
    Who has not heard of Sophie the Giraffe and its Friend (s)? Even children who received this case, did point occupied whether the giraffe named Sophie, he immediately brought to his mouth and eyes opened wide the first time, when the latter heard a li
  • Vive Sophie and her cakes !!  

    Signed cakes Sophie (Paperback)
    I love this book! My sister has lived in Paris for almost 10 years and has to discover the cake with pesto. So I decided to get me this wonderful book. I tried two recipes, cake with strawberries and almonds and cake and fresh salmon with sorrel. FAB
  • Superb! A offer and provide absolutely, whatever the age of the player ...  

    My garden (Album)
    The budding designers as the most experienced will enjoy this beautiful album exclusively sketches. Not really history (much of this album is not located there) but a common thread that shows us with freshness and ease the life of a garden: Luxembour
  • Sophie lives  

    Sophie's Choice (Amazon Instant Video)
    USA - 1947. The 22 year old Stingo (Peter MacNicol), who grew up in the southern United States, reached at the beginning of the film New York - Brooklyn, he finds an apartment and "discovered" the living above him pair; Sophie Zawistowska (
  • Great Giraffe, unfortunately unfortunate PR of pages Vulli and lack of interest in the German health care directives  

    Sophie la Giraffe in a gift box (Baby Product)
    We got Sophie a few months ago as a gift from a friend. Our little one was immediately enthusiastic. A few weeks ago but we did go lost (Sophie, not our daughter). Immediately I set out to Amazon reorder a Sophie and then read the various reviews ast
  • Suspense to spare, emotions and action !!  

    KGI, Volume 2: Second Chance (Paperback)
    This volume is totally awesome. This saga is one of my favorite in the genre. The plot is brilliantly conducted the relationship between Sam and Sophie, and the threat of Mutton family. Sophie is strong despite a fragility to the surface. It's hard t
  • Few credible and bad copy  

    The daughters of Mr Darcy (Paperback)
    Despite a presentation that already seemed already implausible (Elizabeth and Darcy who leave a year by letting their daughters in Fitzwilliam, who lives in London. Already, I can not see the hero of "Pride and Prejudice" abandoning their daught
  • Sophie the Giraffe 3  

    Vulli Teether - So Pure - Sophie the Giraffe - Version Flexible - Natural Rubber (Baby Care)
    I bought this product (1981) for my son the same for my daughter and now my granddaughter (2013). Thousands of babies cut their teeth on Sophie and I think it is not finished. Well packed fast delivery as ab
  • Cute and cheap  

    Teether Vulli - Josephine Mouse (Baby Care)
    Value for the right price. The same great surface with the double the price very satisfied. It changes Sophie and chews as well.
  • Very nice and sweet story  

    Guardians lost Cities Volume 1 (Paperback)
    In this book we will follow the adventures of Sophie, a girl of 12 years, ordinary, who since the age of 5 years and after a fall has a gift, like to hear the thoughts of people surrounding it. This is a very good student for his young age, she is al
  • Beautiful book, full of information and documents  

    The series of our childhood (Hardcover)
    Very nice book with a hard cover and illustrated several of the iconic cartoon characters like Esteban, Zia, Tao of Mysterious Cities dOr the Inspector Gadget, his niece Sophie and her dog Fino, or Ulsysse, Telemaque and Themis dUlysse 31 From the su
  • Sophie is back ......  

    Going Home (Audio CD)
    ... Or so one might title this album without revealing even a trace arrogance on the day. Sophie made it with her own label now, again to improve very good songs and incredible not to leave their line in recent years. Although we are dealing to some
  • Unbelievable !! 4  

    2 Broke Girls - Season 2 (Amazon Instant Video)
    So I'm really a big fan of this series: D I now sought since ner week and am almost through :) The content is as banal as it is ingenious: two girls who could not be more and live by chance suddenly together, work and want to build a cupcake empire.
  • multi-faceted plate  

    Monday's Ghost (International Version) (MP3 Download)
    Once I have the latest album "Danger of Light", I wanted to hear something older of Sophie Hunger. This album is just as wonderful to hear. My favorite songs: the quiet "Shape" with guitar and beflügelndem clapping, the dynamic
  • A surprise that is getting bigger ...  

    Monday's Ghost (Audio CD)
    OK I admit it: I'm sitting in the car at night, turn off the engine and then running in the Radio 2 tracks from Sophie Hunger`s "Monday's Ghost". Unlike some other reviewers, I was probably well prepared in order to allow the immense vitali
  • A varied collection  

    Bite (Paperback)
    Bite is a collection of five short stories from Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake ago, Vampire Hunter series), Charlaine Harris (a Sookie Stackhouse short story), MaryJanice Davidson, Angela Knight and Vickie Taylor. I was very familiar with the first
  • A second volume as good as the first, a series on top!  

    KGI, Volume 2: Second Chance (Paperback)
    Name rusk dune, dune name toast, dune name toast! Yes, rarely has more rotten as chronic introduction, but that name dune rusk jaime this series! Name dune rusk that this series is great! Name jaime dune rusk that the Kelly brothers! Name dune rusk M
  • Take it or leave 1  

    The perfect woman is a bitch 2 (Paperback)
    We take the same and start again, the twin sisters reoffend and we offer 31 new "rules" (instead of 29 if I remember correctly). In this second volume, same format as the first, virtually identical coverage, the dominant red and white for the fr
  • This book is a gem! 2  

    My retro picture book (Paperback)
    I received this book for Christmas, and I do not get enough. It is first a beautiful object as a book cover almost a woven effect, the pages are thick quality paper. Véronique Enginger has immense talent, the reasons for this retro imagier have a cha
  • By Inge Scholl  

    The White Rose (Paperback)
    Inge Scholl's sister Sophie and Hans died in 1998 - This is a book that ends with the tracts of white rose "; the leaflets are true hymns and manifestoes has the freedom and now we understand better why among others Sophie part is serene, almost smil