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  • Rightly one of the best Japanese role-playing games of all time!  

    Final Fantasy 6 is just awesome. I've hesitated only with the purchase for fear that implementation could be failed. I did it myself but then still bought luckily for half price. And after about three hours of play, I can say that I regret not buying
  • Good solid Japanese RPG KOST  

    Ni no Kuni: The Curse of the White Queen - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    See video on Amazon.com Who would not have the patience to read this rather detailed review complete, I recommend the same down to scroll to read under the heading "Conclusion" the summary. After, at least for me, boundless disappointment w
  • For lovers of Japanese Literature  

    Out (Paperback)
    Not the best book of Natsuo Kirino on I have come across by chance once in a bookstore in Tokyo. Nevertheless definitely a very well-to-read novel in the shallows of the human (Japanese) appeared soul.
  • Japanese miracle  

    Casio clock quartz MQ 24-7BLL (clock)
    This clock shows precise, always reliable and very clearly mark the time. It is indeed waterproof (swimming pool, sauna) and weighs almost nothing, at least compared to a status-laden metalpiece. For about 10 more you get even a date, if you think th
  • Who can Japanese / Chinesich a clear advantage  

    Pixel Pro RW-221 / E3 Camera Wireless Remote Trigger for Canon EOS, like RS-60E3 (optional)
    When I looked at the manual, I almost passed out with laughter. Everything is very detailed explained in Japanese / Chinesich and is explained in very bad English. Since the remote control does not have too many functions, one has to over 10 minutes
  • Japanese-inspired relaxation music  

    Celestial Gardens (MP3 Download)
    The first track on the CD is a bit strange, the others are "catchy". The Japanese style of music is a matter of taste, but I like the album.
  • The Japanese, who can's easy!  

    Final Fantasy IV (Video Game)
    Final Fantasy IV is a true classic in every sense. I especially liked this Nintendo version because the graphics was not the best, but certainly better than the PS2 version or on the Gameboy Advance. I have to say this was one of the few games that h
  • An original Japanese sudoku-like  

    CrossMe Premium Nonogrammes (App)
    To be precise, it is a nonogramme or Japanese crosswords. We need to show an image (letter, animal, shape ...) by coloring the grid with digits indications on the side of the grid, a bit like a sudoku. Concretely, there are numbers around the gate fo
  • ABC Japanese  

    The ABCs of Japanese (Paperback)
    The book is very practical, well illustrated. It offers reproduce Kanji with small definition phrases etc. Very glad I bought this book which is more easy to carry AC because of its low thickness and soft cover Would recommend to Japanese debutants E
  • Interesting for Japanese Literaire, not suitable for daily Japanese  

    Japanese Manekineko: Japanese method for secondary schools (Paperback)
    Hello, my situation: I live in Japan, I work jp I learned it alone jp. Grammar: relatively clear explanations, but the Japanese grammatical function will not be presented in its entirety in many cases, so it will not be possible to understand it in s
  • Japanese Kanji Kakitai  

    Japanese Kanji Learning & Kakitai Revise Kanji Meets New Programs (Paperback)
    This book really is the book for you if you study Japanese! Very well designed, it contains 600 characters for which he gives a detailed explanation on how these should be traced and provides exercises to train. Clearly, this is the essential tool fo
  • introduction to Japanese syllabaries and kanji characters  

    Japanese Kanji Learning & Kakitai Revise Kanji Meets New Programs (Paperback)
    Impeccable presentation book and clear to use. It can be broken down into three parts. The first, the hiragana syllabary study all the signs of the syllabary and the order of sign features. It is also planned spaces to practice reproduce it. It's the
  • Japan and the Japanese modern  

    The Japanese (Paperback)
    Here's an interesting and comprehensive book on Japan and modern Japanese. This book allows us to understand Japan today through the facts since the end of World War II. Everything is addressed: different financial and industrial impulses to the food
  • Excellent book to learn more about Japanese society  

    The Japanese (Paperback)
    By buying this book (! Small paved 650 pages) I thought naively buy a book describing the Japanese culture (NB: book purchased following a council on a website). In fact this is not really the case. "Japanese" is rather a descriptive economic an
  • Discovering the impressions of a Japanese home  

    Nââândé? (Paperback)
    I am very interested in Japanese culture, I'm fascinated by their completely different lifestyle We used to have the opinion of French (or other nationalities) who traveled to Japan, but here we discover the thoughts of a Japanese woman married to a
  • Beautiful way to understand (some) Japanese  

    Nââândé? (Paperback)
    This little book gives a good idea of ​​some of the difficulties that the Japanese may have when they arrive for the first time in Paris. In some cases it may even be a little ashamed of being Parisian. However some points on the French are very focu
  • Adventure Japanese  

    Lost Odyssey (DVD-ROM)
    Everything is in the title. A good game for those who love adventures Japanese, combat system turn, walk through "corridors" that is in or out, very long playing time, very clean design. A good time for fans of the genre.
  • While Japanese  

    Manga in Japanese (le) - Workbook Vol.1 (Paperback)
    Purchased with the book. Good supplement, but be careful, everything is in Japanese on the exercise book, unlike the course book. My daughter was very moderately valued, it's hard for a beginner.
  • Good book to learn Japanese  

    Japanese manga (the) - Basic Course Vol.1 (Paperback)
    I just bought this book, which is the French version of a method having already "card" in Spain. Unlike many language textbooks, the presentation is very nice and readable (text is airy and illustrated with examples from manga) and it is for rea