perixx periboard 710plus


  • Perixx PERIBOARD-407B DE, Mini Keyboard - USB  

    Perixx PERIBOARD-407B DE, Mini Keyboard - USB - Dimensions 320x140x14mm - piano black - QWERTY layout DE (Personal Computers)
    Fast delivery Tung and ordinary goods. The keyboard is not detected at boot of Windows 7. Regardless of welchenm USB Ansachluss I also concur. Start the computer with the old keypad, and Windows Start then connect the new keyboard, which is cheese, w
  • My price / value for money in the price range to 25 €  

    Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 (QWERTZ, german keyboard layout) (Personal Computers)
    ### Brief for readers in a hurry ### + Simple Setup + Connection quality + Standard keyboard layout (large enter key) + Micro receiver can be vestauen in Tastaur o perceived quality - Buttons feel not very high - Louder keystroke - Optics (keyboard i
  • Dimensions not correspond to reality 315x147x21mm.  

    Perixx Periboard-804II DE Bluetooth keyboard (up to 10 meters range, on / off switch, Li-Ion battery, Android capable QWERTY layout) Black (Personal Computers)
    Perixx PERIBOARD-804 Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad and Android Tablet - Bluetooth technology - 315x147x21mm dimensions - QWERTY layout --- Dimensions in the title does not correspond to reality. Keyboard is much smaller (250mm wide) and a PC keyboard f
  • Windows 8.1 makes them often what they want ...  

    Bluetooth Keyboard, GMYLE® Ultrathin Wireless 10 "keyboard Bluetooth 3.0 with LED backlight (Fonctionniert with Lithium Battery) (Electronics)
    This keyboard was to get a nice little flat, blue backlit keypad my second attempt. The first EC Technology® Backlit Keyboard with Wireless in the ultra thin design with LED Backlit QWERTY keyboard layout, and Built-in Li-Polymer battery Keyboard for
  • Small weaknesses which take the enjoyment of the product.  

    CSL - Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard (aluminum housing) | Bluetooth 3.0 (wireless) | German keyboard layout | black / silver | Layout opitmiert for Apple Products | Application for PC / Android devices (Personal Computers)
    ### Update 13.04.2015 ### The manufacturer shall leave me because of my review without objection a replacement keyboard come. This has obviously still not "print" button, but the problem with the Aufwachlag a track is better. The "slee
  • Frequently used buttons too small.  

    Keysonic ACK-595C + Mini SoftSkin Combo Keyboard (PS / 2, USB, German) black (accessories)
    Those looking for an extremely small notebook-like keyboard, may be well served by the device. Who but a normal keyboard without numpad investigated because he mostly makes word processing and will have closer to the keyboard, the mouse, which will n
  • beautiful but too small .... 1  

    Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse Mouse Bluetooth wireless tablet (Accessory)
    This mouse complements the keyboard Perixx Periboard 806 for mobile use in my personal and profesionals travel. First, perfect use Android, and seven. No pairing bp, while the buttons are recognized, even the touchpad: great! But now, I find it too s
  • Low-cost alternative for less demanding users  

    Rapoo Wireless deskset (German keyboard layout, QWERTY) white (accessory)
    ### Brief for readers in a hurry ### + Simple Setup + Connection quality + Responsive mouse with laser sensor (not illuminated) + Keyboard Layout (large enter key) o perceived quality - Keystroke / tactile bad / tough - Optics (keyboard is very thick
  • With extra programs a complete wireless mini keyboard  

    Perixx PERIBOARD-710PLUS, Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad - 2.4 GHz - Up to 10 meter range - 210x148x20mm dimensions - QWERTY layout (Accessories)
    The PERIBOARD-710 is a very well-functioning wireless keyboard with excellent tactile feedback! The lack of Alt I laid with KeyTweak (in [...] or [...]) on the right shift key. Thus, now also easily Alt-key combinations, such. As Alt F4 possible. In
  • Very good Bluetooth keyboard  

    Perixx Periboard-804II DE Bluetooth keyboard (up to 10 meters range, on / off switch, Li-Ion battery, Android capable QWERTY layout) Black (Personal Computers)
    The Perixx Periboard-804 Bluetooth keyboard I use in conjunction with the Note 10.1 2014 Edition. The battery life is phenomenal, so you need not worry, if you take this keyboard takes along for the ride. In connection with the Note 10.1, the keyboar
  • The best case / keyboard combo for Galaxy Note 10.1  

    Sharon Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 Keyboard Case Cover | Bag Case with detachable keyboard in notebook quality | Bluetooth Keyboard (German Samsung, QWERTY) (Accessories)
    The current best case / keyboard combo for Galaxy Note 10.1's! The fit is good, the cut-out for the monitor is correct and it is easier to get to all ports and also to the pin. The keyboard can also work with 10 fingers. If I find the Perixx PERIBOAR
  • 16GB Flash are too little  

    Odys Wintab 8 20.3 cm (8 inch) tablet PC (Intel Atom Quad Core, 1.83GHz, 1GB DDR III RAM, 16 GB Flash HDD, Windows 8.1, Office 365, IPS color screen (800 x 1280) BT 4.0, Ambient Light Sensor) Black (Personal Computers)
    Have ordered my tablet to a Windows time to have 8 system (I am often asked for help, but have only Windows 7 and Mac OS X in access). Since a single Windows license also is not much cheaper than a whole tablet, I decided for this low-cost tablet. Po
  • PERIXX 706+ USB Trackball QWERTY  

    Perixx PERIBOARD-706PLUS, wireless keyboard with trackball - 2.4G - wireless Portee 10m - Nano receiver - 315x147x21mm - 14mm Trackball - On / Off switch - brand batteries 2xAAA - Black - QWERTY (Electronics)
    PERIXX 706+ USB Trackball QWERTY. This is a great keyboard. Touching very fluid and precise trackball (adjustable speed in Android) I wanted a keyboard / trackball to connect to my TV BOX Android. more practical than a separate keyboard + mouse! (Sma
  • Perixx very good equipment  

    Perixx MX-3000B, laser gaming mouse - Avago 8200ppp Laser Sensor - Omron Micro Switch - 8 programmable keys and 5 weight Profiles- System - The voting rate in 1000 HZ (Accessory)
    Ben Perixx what !! very pleased with this mouse with complete software for the mouse pointer settings multiple profiles can change the color settings and all the mice very nice !!! I really recommend !!! Perixx thank you !! there are videos on YouTub
  • Perixx quality !! Perfect !!!  

    Perixx PX-2000FR, programmable gaming keyboard - wired keyboard - 6 programmable keys - USB port - Blue LED Retro eclaire - Adjustment lighting - Fashion Game / desktop - AZERTY (Personal Computers)
    I have Perixx rug Dx-5000l-3000b Mouse MX and PX-2000FR very happy keyboard of this brand I would definitely recommend !! Gaming Office Perixx very effective !! Go there with confidence very good stuff !!!! Go see it on YouTube videos has tested and
  • Headphones Perixx  

    CSL --ear Earphone 640s Ultimate | Noise Control | Power Bass EP | New Model S | Flat Cable | Transport device / Hardcover (Electronics)
    I bought these headphones Perixx stamped at the time of purchase because my old pair of Altec Lansing had let me. Flat cable, price, good feedback and the fact of already having a product Perixx (mouse) had decided me to buy them. I regret this purch
  • So na Perixx, goes yet;)  

    Perixx Keyboard USB PX-1800 Gaming (Electronics)
    I have long wondered whether I should order something again from Perixx. Already the MX 1800, PX 2000 sent back because of various deficiencies. Good times that I have yet again started trying. At 1:16 25.06 ordered. The goods were to be delivered at
  • Perixx the BlackBerry layout HID application SmartTV optimally  

    Perixx PERIBOARD-717DE, Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad - 2.4 GHz - Up to 10 meter range - QWERTY layout DE (Electronics)
    Have been looking for a handy little SmartTV keyboard. The Perixx met almost 100% wishes. Fast Delivery of Perixx Germany. Could previously reach the customer service who assured me that the keyboard to the USB port in the HID (Human Interface Device
  • Perixx = quality!  

    Perixx PX-5200 DE, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with lighting - Cherry MX Blue switch - 8 macro keys - white LED lighting - NKRO (PS2 mode) - QWERTY layout DE (Electronics)
    I got asked the keyboard of Perixx available! I unpacked the keyboard and thought to myself what a chunk! That is not to be misunderstood, because I think it's great when something has a weight, otherwise totally feels cheap. The keyboard is super pr