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  • The Second World War "in all forms"  

    The silence of the sea: and Other Stories (Paperback)
    An excellent book that traces the form of various new, more actions that happened during the Second World War. We can find the story of a German soldier who is forced into a house of French family farmers, a man of mature age persuaded the victory of
  • An exceptional history of the Second World War, in all its aspects, military and human  

    The Second World War (Paperback)
    There are many stories of the Second World War, written by talented historians. So why yet another you say? First, because over time, new records are discovered or studied, which provide more information and that the authors who have access to these
  • The second World War  

    The Second World War (Paperback)
    There are some months I had subscribed to a magazine which featured World War II "day to day". Readers of this journal fault stopped to look and I "left hungry" from July 1942 ... There are some weeks I was attracted by the title of th
  • Understanding the past 10 months of the Second World War  

    The End: The Defiance and Destruction of Hitler's Germany, 1944-1945 (Hardcover)
    This book covers the last 10 months of World War II (European), the attack Von Stauffenberg July 1944 against Hitler, in May 1945, and focuses on what has enabled Germany to continue to function almost " normally "until the end of April 1945, wh
  • Call of Duty 2 - Second World War, the Second  

    Call of Duty 2 (computer game)
    Call of Duty 2 More playful freedom, more atmosphere, more Call of Duty. Developer Infinity Ward has with the continuation of the shooter hits a lot before. The attack of the Red Army at Stalingrad in more than two years old Call of Duty is still one
  • Second World War? So What !!!  

    Call of Duty: World at War (video game)
    Call of Duty World at War and again the WWII without arguing about the different flavors, because one can not well known, I have to say I's can no longer hear. For me, such a statement is not a real criticism, sry guys, I mean no one goes to VW to co
  • Fairly good summary of the Second World War  

    The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War (Paperback)
    A good summary of the SGM enjoyable to read, full of anecdotes; but sometimes exceeded or reducing. For example -l'auteur critical yugoslavia campaign that would have delayed Barbarossa 6 weeks. (false climate is too bad mid-May, ds delays the delive
  • The best FPS on the Second World War  

    Call of Duty 2 (computer game)
    After spending hours to finish and refinish his previous album, I discovered CoD 2 and have to say that disappointment is not with go. Released two years after its predecessor, this new episode enjoyed sumptuous graphics. Not talking about the sound
  • The SAS commandos in the Second World War  

    The SAS commandos in World War II (Paperback)
    Very good book on the creation, organization and SAS operations in Africa, Italy and Europe. Yet we regret the absence of photos and the lack of details on certain operations in Europe. But this is a very complementary book, which I recommend to all
  • a remarkable synthesis of the Second World War  

    The Second World War (Paperback)
    Anyone can buy this book eyes closed. You have indeed here, a remarkable synthesis of this conflict, written in a masterfully by John Keegan. This is an Anglo-Saxon historian who delivered high quality here a concise and comprehensive book on all asp
  • New Age post World War II, today ridiculous ...  

    The Morning of the Magicians: Introduction to Fantastic Realism (Paperback)
    When the book was written (in an obviously commercial ends) at the end of the 50s, Europe was still recovering from the trauma of the Second World War. The need to escape the memories of conflict and everyday still difficult (the war in Algeria raged
  • Solider Schleich shooter with unspent World War setting  

    Sniper Elite 3 - Africa (Video Game)
    It is the moment in the searing heat of Africa in the battle of Tobruk in the summer of 1942 - I have recorded my goal in the optics of my M1 Garand rifle - I breathe in and hold my breath - the time is slowing down - I aim for head and pull the trig
  • A war correspondent as a hero of World War II shooter, that's something new.  

    Enemy Front (computer game)
    Even the entrance to the game, thanks to Cry engine, something unusual, we step but by a sort of lapse from the first-person perspective by an ongoing battle. So we sneak in, in attacking Posen, solidified fighters past, deal blazing flames and soft
  • "A third world war awaits us. I am sure."  

    Blake & Mortimer - Volume 23 - Stick Plutarch (Le) (Album)
    The new "Blake and Mortimer," the twenty-third book in the series is entitled "The Stick of Plutarch." The artistic team consists of Yves Sente (scenario), André Juillard and Etienne Schréder (drawings) and Madeleine de Mille (colors).
  • The First World War without pathos, from the sky by sentimental men  

    The Crew (Paperback)
    A novel whose framework the First World War: the crew, published in 1923 and first literary success of Joseph Kessel (1898-1979), a military narrative for the experience base of its author, voluntarily committed from the age of eighteen years in the
  • Impressive gameplay to World War I  

    Valiant Hearts: The Great War [PC Uplay Code] (Software Download)
    STORY: 1914: The First World War breaks out. This affects among other things the old French peasant Emile, his German son Karl, the American Foreign Legion Freddy and the Belgian nurse Anne. They all try, often using the clever dog Walt to survive or
  • The 2nd World War - As close as never before  

    Call of Duty 2 (computer game)
    Call of Duty 2 is a masterpiece. The campaign also. It begins with a short film about the 2nd World War, whether in education or as intro, well done, and shows that it was not fun. The game itself begins in winter in Stalingrad, where they engage as
  • disturbing film about World War 2  

    The Notebook (Amazon Instant Video)
    I came across (a trailer on the net) on this movie just by chance and have to say that the film surprised me. The film is shot from the perspective of 2 little boys and their experiences at the end of World War 2 and shortly thereafter. Brutal, witho
  • World War Z Score  

    World War Z (Audio CD)
    Marco Beltrami is thick again in the business. DC 3 thick Hollywood projects in 2013 he could win them over. And the fourth kingdom (Snowpiecers) is already on the march. HWC is the best of the three works for me, although I must admit that I have no
  • Diplomacy before World War  

    Sir Arthur Nicolson, Bart, First Lord Carnock: A Study in the Old Diplomacy (Paperback)
    Harold Nicolson himself diplomat who attended the Congress of Paris in 1919 was particularly well placed to describe the diplomatic world of the war before the world was also his father. The book is well written and highlights the changing uses and r