Kitchen And Household


  • Exclusive Design & aromatic coffee !!  

    Philips HD5407 / 10 Café Gourmet Coffee Direktbrühprinzip, white (household goods)
    This Philips gourmet coffee convinced me already during unpacking. The coffee was so firmly and securely packed so that 2 people were needed to separate them from the packaging. So assured absolutely professional. The structure was not particularly d
  • Impeccable and practical  

    Foxnovo® F-08 8-Slots Li-ion Ni-MH Ni-CD Universal Intelligent Battery Charger with EU Plug Adapter for 26650, 22650, 18650, 18500, 18490, 17670, 17650, 17500, 16340, 14500, 10440 , Ni-MH and Ni-CD A, AA, AAA, C, SC rechargeable battery (Black) (household goods)
    This charger provides eight charging stations for batteries of different sizes (I tested only AA). In addition, a USB charging socket is included. For charging you can insert batteries of different sizes; each battery slot is individually controlled.
  • Good Lint  

    Philips GC026 / 00 fuzz for various substances, 2 height settings, battery operated, turquoise (household goods)
    A beautiful Lint, of the superficy ago he shaved quickly all fluseln, lint from the clothes look in a short time like new again
  • Efficient, easy to use, while chic.  

    Philips GC9640 / 60 Perfect Care Elite Silence (OptimalTEMP, 7 bar steam pressure, 430 g of steam) (household goods)
    The first thing that strikes after unpacking the iron: this part looks really sharp out - a new generation of iron and far away from the classic look. Also good: the color combination white / gold goes well with the modern design of the iron. In addi
  • Recommended - Absolutely top!  

    WMF 1280236040 Steak Cutlery 12-Piece (household goods)
    I am delighted with this excellent sullied at a bargain price. Nice design, pleasant and hard handy knife cuts very well .... top sellers for good reason. WE RECOMMEND
  • Creamers  

    Venessa VCC35 creamer - Coffee Creamer 10 x 1kg
    Tastes very good and the price is really reasonable. With this large amount you have always something in the house. I'm very satisfied, also fast delivery. Gladly again.
  • Stylish, the function fulfilled only partially.  

    Stelton 811 coffee maker 8 cups ABS, white (household goods)
    The inner container is made of plastic and the warming function well so deficient. I have returned the pot and therefore bought a double Bodumkanne with glass insert. The return went like Amazon known without any problems.
  • Taste hui, technology Pooh  

    Philips HD5407 / 60 Coffee Cafe Gourmet (Direct Brühprinzip, automatic switch-off) black (household goods)
    Admittedly, the direct-brewing system ensures tasty coffee, of course, assuming you do not just buy the cheapest coffee powder. From brewing comes a handaufgebrühten coffee the next. Visually, the machine is designed. Now, however, come some drawback
  • Watchmaker's loupe 7  

    Watchmaker's magnifier 7x Plankonv. Eschenbach (Camera)
    Was already on the second day there. The 7 Series is naturally what close to, but is great for the very young. The perfect size for me is the 5 he. For the money, a super quality and a credit to Eschenbach.
  • Very satisfied with this device.  

    Leifheit Wall Roll Holder Europe (household goods)
    The processing of the device is very good overall. The diameter of the films are very sharp. Paper Towel Holder is very stable. Films can be easily inserting. Fixing material for wall ebefalls available.
  • I can only recommend! 7  

    ONEconcept Sagrada Rossa mini espresso machine Stainless steel espresso maker with milk frother (800W, pump pressure 3.5 bar, incl. 4 cup glass jug) red
    I can only recommend the machine) works great. When frothing milk you need small bit of practice but in 3.Tasse hatts worked great, once you know how to do it is to simply meega. So strong buy recommendation;)
  • Courteous Sevice  

    DIBAG ® 4 pcs set - Hang vacuum bag, set of 2, 105 x 70 cm + Set of 2 Large travel bag (57x45 cm) without suction / without valve. (Household goods)
    The product has not kept her promise. After a week of air was in the bag. After I've given a negative review, a day came on a new product. The pleasantly surprised me, I hope it works now.
  • Qualli disheartening.  

    Melody alarm FISH 22502-08
    Thought those days as a birthday gift for a child. After unpacking the joy was short-lived. The sound is not from the wake-up sound in the volume can be changed and also the product of the quality was not so awesome. Since the alarm is presented as u
  • Curver storage box  

    Case made of rattan, medium in size, made of polypropylene, Cream, 14.5 cm diameter x 14 cm H, 900 ml
    Already have several items in this rattan optics. Looks great, not sensitive and versatile. Have these baskets for the bathroom ordered. Practical and decorative, what more could you want. Strong buy recommendation.
  • Edler kettle, which is easy to clean  

    Tefal KO3718 Kettle, 1.5 L, Black (Kitchen)
    The Tefal kettle comes in a sober, matt black. I like this design very well. The outside is made of plastic, which is perhaps not quite as elegant as stainless steel or glass works, but is not really hot. So you can it definitely not burn your hands.
  • A great peeler, in the truest sense of the word  

    Lurch 10093 Universal peeler black (household goods)
    After I was unhappy with my current peeler, because I had 250g peeling waste at a 1 kg Spargeel, I ordered the Lurch peeler and was highly satisfactory surprised. Unit fits comfortably in your hand, very sharp blade that is not contaminated and the w
  • Folding steps  

    Top Hit 251215 folding steps 2 steps steel with step pad TAV / GS (household goods)
    Very good, I'm satisfied. Good, stable quality at a low price. It is very safe in this passage. For my needs just right. Fast shipping, I can recommend.
  • Now bake cakes a no brainer!  

    Silicone cake mold cake pan Bundt Cake Gugelhupf Gugelhupf (household goods)
    I love this silicone mold !!! No matter what you as splashing around it bakes sticks nix! Even chocolate dissolves without problems !! The mold had already several times in the dishwasher and the hintewrlässt no trace! The silicone mold smell not the
  • after settling in very well  

    Leifheit 23051 Perfect Cut foil cutter white (household goods)
    As the new kitchen came, I wanted, no longer have the old foil cutter, the eh no longer worked properly on the wall. But now what? When I saw the Leifheit FS, he was appointed spontaneously. I regretted not buying, and a few attempts were needed befo
  • Sweet and value for money is great  

    Herding 249593063 Lara Käferchen linen, 40 x 60 cm x 135 cm + 100 with hotel strike, Renforce (household goods)
    I find this very nice linens. Even after washing it retains its color, without gradients. Here already some have expressed about the missing buttons .... people that's made for babies, there were buttons so very disadvantageous. If you want you can s