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  • disappointed ... the Philips engineers should review their  

    717093016 Philips LED Kids Night SoftPal Disney Mickey Shape Plastic - Multicolor (Kitchen)
    Must recognize a nice and soft plastic design that protects it from knocks. 1) By cons, we must explain to the Philips engineers that children sleep more than 6 hours ... so you take the risk of wake up in the morning because the pilot light has gone
  • Philips Blender 2.0 - There was apparently improvements  

    Philips HR2096 / 00 Stand mixer (800 Watt, 2-liter, 6 ProBlend, Ice crusher) silver (household goods)
    I bought the blender until a short time ago, so I think by Philips abundant, crushing reviews on Amazon, and probably also by various complaint-mails, the Philips HR2096 / 00 improved. The complaints of leaking tanks and a brownish liquid emanating f
  • Shocked about how much more thorough shave is as Philips or Braun ...  

    Panasonic ES-LV95-S803 Shaver (Health and Beauty)
    I am shocked at how much better this LV95 Panasonic ES S803 razor shaved, as Philips or Braun! Not only my face but also the whole head! I own the Braun Series 7 (with new shear blade) and have the past four weeks, three different Philips shaver, eve
  • Shave not convinced me - but I'm probably as an isolated case which is simply unable ...  

    Philips S9031 / 12 Series 9000 Wet & Dry Shaver (precision trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    Video at View In theory I find very cool electric shaver. In practice, they are good - at least for me - absolutely nothing. Maybe I use it also just plain wrong, have false expectations, I do not know. I can shave long ne quarter of an ho
  • Take it home ... the end of it  

    Philips 32PFL5007K / 12 81 cm (32 inch) LED backlight TVs (Full HD, 400Hz PMR, DVB-C / T / S2, CI +, Smart TV Plus, WiFi, USB Recording) silver brushed black (Electronics)
    I had written a euphoric 5 star review. This I have to -leider- serious perspective, because I wanted to take the PVR function in operation. Generally, I can leave most extent. Below wirds then bitter for Philips. ------------------------------------
  • Edit: First light was not bright enough, now everything is great !!  

    Philips Hue Go - portable, cordless light 7146060PH (household goods)
    EDIT my review: Below the first review, which I now have to revise !! The first of my lights was obviously defective and showed only a fraction of the power that you may have! After a complaint with Philips and I got a new look: bright, is actually b
  • Series Error Top Model SCD580  

    Philips AVENT SCD580 / 00 DECT baby monitor (starlight projector), Grey / White (Baby Product)
    Caveat: We use the baby monitor for monitoring a dependent child. We made the last 6 years good experience with a Philips Babyphone SKM 7488NC in continuous operation (3-4 hours daily.) and be able to assess what we can expect in 2014 of a new unit T
  • The search is over! 2 1  

    Philips Fidelio X1 / 00 Premium hi-fi stereo headphones from quality leather with 50 mm neodymium drivers, black / brown / silver (Electronics)
    I have long wondered whether I should write this Rezenssion at all, as I know from many forums, as very different must be the sense of hearing of each individual music connoisseur. What for a sterile and cold, is the revelation of what for a warm and
  • Quiet, powerful and thoroughly!  

    Philips S9031 / 12 Series 9000 Wet & Dry Shaver (precision trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    Eagerly I have the Philips S9031 / 12 expected. On the product picture he makes a pretty futuristic impression with his "insect head" yes although it is the design a bit longer. The package I think, designed for such a high-quality device somewh
  • Super razor with a small weakness  

    Philips S9031 / 12 Series 9000 Wet & Dry Shaver (precision trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    By chance, I came to a Philips S9031 / 12, so I could try out already more than a month it now. I also for about 1 1/2 years own a Braun Series 5 and therefore can both razor compare. Before I report on the razor shortly to me: I'm early 20s, have no
  • Probably not for everyone Bart  

    Philips S9031 / 12 Series 9000 Wet & Dry Shaver (precision trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    With relatively high expectations I am the Philips Shaver Series went S9031 / 12 9000 Philips which is also not very surprised because not only priced he wants to play high up. So load quickly, what's really going fast, not an hour and the Li-ion bat
  • Shave OK, processing cheap ...  

    Philips S9031 / 12 Series 9000 Wet & Dry Shaver (precision trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    Because one with the models Senso Touch 2D and 3D (which are still marketed and sold by Philips) is allowed to stand by Philips as a customer in the rain when it comes to shaving heads and shearing blades (obtained only cheap copies or remainders to
  • Philips HD7850 review to Senseo Latte Select  

    Philips HD7850 / 60 Senseo Latte Select coffee pad machine Black (Kitchen)
    I need really just a normal Floral Coffee. That is, I press button during normal Senseo pad insert and the 2-cup. So I have twice the amount of water and the strong coffee is palatable to me. It gets a little cold milk, if available Kaba powder and a
  • Review Philips AJB3552 / 12 clock radio (DAB +, LCD display)  

    Philips AJB3552 / 12 clock radio (LCD display, DAB + / Digital Radio, Sleep Timer, Gentle Wake, DBB FM digital tuning) (Black) (Electronics)
    I bought the Philips AJB3552 / 12 clock radio and after 4 weeks use I can make a good picture of the device. For this I have to say that my first review ever is the reason I write because I the negative reviews for this product do not share in partic
  • Well - could be better (Review & Comparison for Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean)  

    Braun Oral-B electric TriZone 6000 premium toothbrush (with Bluetooth) (Health and Beauty)
    Optics / haptics The toothbrush acts despite the high price unfortunately a bit "cheap"; a lot of plastic and visible mold lines and column convey unfortunately no quality impression. In addition, it is quite Globig / bulky. The charging station
  • My review is from: Philips AZ330T CD radio recorder with Bluetooth (CD MP3) Black and White (2x 2 Watt RMS; FM; CD-DA,  

    Philips AZ330T CD radio recorder with Bluetooth (CD MP3) (Electronics)
    Short and sweet: After unpacking you hold a very lightweight device in the hands of that through a successful design corpus in white and front and CD cover in black piano lacquer - impresses. A folding handle as in other devices of this type does not
  • Review for Philips AZ330T CD radio recorder with Bluethoot  

    Philips AZ330T CD radio recorder with Bluetooth (CD MP3) (Electronics)
    Text report for Philips AZ330T Very lightweight device (1500 gr), attractive design in white body and front and CD cover in piano black finish. The AZ330T player has many ways to connect external audio devices. Whether CD, CD-R / RW or self-burned MP
  • Review Philips RQ1250 / 21  

    Philips RQ1250 / 21 SensoTouch Shaver Series 9000 Electric Wet and Dry Shaver (Health and Beauty)
    Hello everybody, I currently have the opportunity to RQ1250 / 21 to test as part of a test run of the firm TRND free to evaluate function and performance. The device is packaged in an attractive cover and a desire already preparing to unpack the unit
  • Review Philips HTB9225D 2.1 sound system with 3D Blu-ray Disc Player  

    Philips Fidelio HTB9225D / 12 2.1 home theater system with Crystal Clear Sound (3D Blu-ray; Smart TV Plus; 500W; titanium tweeter; HDMI; Bluetooth; ActiveSubARC; Ipod WiFi) Black / Silver (Electronics)
    I have something new in the apartment. The Philips HTB9225D 2.1 sound system with 3D Blu-ray Disc Player. It consists of the player, two speakers, a subwoofer and a remote control. So far I have yet possessed no sound system, because I always thought
  • Review for Philips HD7446 / 00  

    Philips HD7446 / 00 coffee maker (900 watts, removable IR cut filter) white (household goods)
    The coffee machine is built mechanically very primitive, despite simplicity. I bought for a little less money a lot better coffee makers (eg Siemens). I would not buy this coffee.